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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing to some is one of the gems of the digital marketing sector. Here at Bright Digital Minds our affiliate services are split into to two. Firstly the strategy behind campaigns and tying your business objectives in with your affiliates. We'll work with your current sales and marketing teams to ensure things 'work'. Secondly we get our hands dirty and can run the day to day management of programmes.

Digital Services

At Bright Digital Minds we become your digital support team, providing you with experienced man hours to sit around your current skills. Whether your business isn't ready for a full-time member of staff in a particular area or you'd simply like some additional administration help our account managers can help.

Digital Consultancy

Bright Digital Minds has experienced staff and a set of external consultants to bring to clients to work on their strategic approach. Our consultancy team have experience of working with clients and budgets of all sizes - new business to multi-million pound spends.

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Founder of Bright Digital Minds, Hannah Swift, is fulfilling a lifelong ambition to give something back to society and is taking a short six month career break to achieve this dream. Here she explains why. “Founding Bright Digital Minds in 2011 was a hugely exciting step and watching the company grow from strength to strength […]

Clarification of ad disclosure and affiliate links

Just last week, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) UK sought to clarify the blurred lines surrounding advertorial features in blog posts. The memo warned that blog publishers could be found to be breaking the law if they receive payment in return for positive reviews or comments about a product or service, and do not […]

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Affiliate Marketing In Retail

According to new data released by Paid On Results, in the first year of running an active affiliate programme, small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) retailers can expect to see sales grow by 10%. This suggests that it is a worthwhile and low-risk investment for companies to take. Paid On Resluts have analysed the sales data of its […]