5 Interesting Digital Marketing Statistics

Here are some interesting facts about digital marketing statistics that you may not of been aware of.

1. 22% of marketing emails fail to reach the subscriber’s inbox
According to a new report from Return Path, just over one in five (22%) commercial emails sent globally on the first half of 2013 never made it to the subscriber’s inbox,
Furthermore, the global inbox placement rate actually declined slightly compared to the first half of 2012, dropping 4% year-on-year.
Return Path’s report also looks at deliverability by industry. Retailers proved to be one of the best performing sectors with an inbox placement rate of 92%, up 5% on last year’s total.
Only utilities (95%), consumer products (93%) and publishers (97%) performed better in the first half of 2013.

2. Ecommerce page load times are becoming slower
A new report from Radware explains that despite the effort that businesses put into ensuring a fast load time, average site speeds are actually getting slower.
The study shows that in spring 2012 the median page took 6.79 seconds to load, but this has now dropped to 7.72 seconds.
Among the top 500 leading retail websites, as ranked by Alexa.com, Ikea was found to have the fastest full load time at just 1.85 seconds followed by AbeBooks (2.06 seconds) and Pixmania (2.20 seconds).

3. Email still top dog for marketing
New research from TagMan shows that digital marketers still find email to be the most useful form of advertising.
The data shows that 43% are not confident that social media drives ROI, while 63% of marketers still consider email as the most useful form of digital advertising.
Furthermore, 55% still measure success of display campaigns by click-through rates, while 31% are struggling with data overload.

4. Tag management adoption to reach 50% by 2017
According to new research from Qubit, up to 50% of websites will have adopted tag management technology by 2017.
The research, which looked at the tag management technologies in use on 100,000 leading websites, also found some key trends in the TMS marketplace.
While server-side tag management represented 49% of the market in 2012, client side solutions now dominate with more than 80% of the installed base. Free products now represent 44% of the total installed tag management market.

5. 52% of agencies now offer a ‘full range of digital marketing services’
Data included in econsultancies new UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2013 shows that more than half of agencies (52%) now offer a ‘full range of digital marketing services’, and increase from 45% in 2012 and 42% in 2011.
In comparison just 12% of agencies specialise in SEO while 7% focused exclusively on paid search. A further 10% of agencies carry out both SEO and paid search.

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