a4uexpo London, 16th & 17th October 2012

It’s the return of one of the year’s biggest performance marketing conferences…a4uexpoLondon. The exhibition begins today and continues tomorrow, a by the sounds of it, there is a lot in store. This year the expo is more focused on reflecting the ever-changing, constantly dynamic role that performance marketing holds in today’s business sector. The event will be attended by some of the biggest names in the business, and with key note speakers including the likes of Tesco, Sky, Debenhams and Moneysupermarket joining the fray, you are almost certain to hear some strong and sound advice.

There has been a past view that monitoring the performance of companies and businesses, including customer visits, product selection and consumer habits, is seen as a little ‘backhanded.’ The famous words of ‘Big Brother is watching you’ gripped the nation and as such, monitoring what we do when visiting a website was seen as a little uncouth. As the marketing industry continues to develop at a velocity of ‘change,’ the way in which we research, view and capture our audiences has also adapted. Performance marketing now is seen as something that most companies can’t do without, and is now seen as more of a necessity than a sin. With this in mind, a4uexpo has embraced this change and need for customer consumer information, and as such has created a whole conference around this being one of the main issues. This, along with the use of digital and data capturing technology, with topics such as brand advocacy, customer journeys and utilising data captured, will make for an exciting and very interesting exhibition.

The conference isn’t just for the big boys in business either. It is designed so as everyone, from the beginner to the more advanced level of production can get to grips with the knowledge and information given over the course of the two day event. With over 40 sessions you can get involved with, a4uexpo has designed a fully functional interactive theatre in which everyone can have their say. Offering different discussions, sessions and opportunities over the two days, remember to bring your tablet or laptop with you to ensure you get everything written down that you need and want to!

For more information on the exhibition, lease visit www.a4uexpo.com/london

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