Affiliate Marketing Consultancy

Giving your performance programmes a helping hand

With affiliate marketing accounting for 10-20% of a well balanced digital marketing mix it’s important that the strategy of the programme fits the goals of the overall business. Here at Bright Digital Minds we have years of experience in managing long running affiliate programmes, that sometimes just need a fresh pair of eyes or some hands on consultancy to keep the programme moving forwards.
Whether you are looking to manage your affiliates in house or are using an agency, Bright Digital Minds can offer your organisation a full training or consultancy programme to ensure you get the most effective ROI from your online partners. We perform comprehensive campaign reviews and benchmarking of your competitors to then give you structured and well planned training and advice on how to grow your programme. You will receive a range of recommendations based upon our findings that will help to meet goals set out within your affiliate campaigns, whilst sitting within your branding and budgetary constraints.

Affiliate Consultancy

  • Incremental Sales

We can look at how you ensure your affiliate programme is driving good quality incremental sales. Many affiliate programmes see some cannibalisation of their existing customers, so it’s important to find affiliate partners who can deliver new customers too. Bright Digital Minds have a number of easy to implement strategies to help drive incremental sales, without affecting your bottom line.

  • Marketing Mix

Affiliates are one of the fastest moving technology providers, adapting to industry and internet changes rapidly. Here at Bright Digital Minds we have a number of affiliate partners who are early-adapters and can replace many channels of the digital marketing mix with a performance based payment model. These include PPC, retargeting, basket abandonment and mobile to name but a few.

  • Network Tenders & Audits

The vast majority of affiliate programmes are run across network based solutions however costs and affiliate reach across these networks varies massively. Bright Digital Minds runs programmes across all networks and will ensure your using the right technology and network.

Affiliate Marketing