Affiliate Marketing Management

Supporting your revenue generating partners

Many businesses struggle with finding the time to actively manage an affiliate programme, here at Bright Digital Minds we have a team of experienced account managers who will look after your affiliate campaign. We take care of the day to day running of the campaign along with driving the results towards an agreed strategy.

Affiliate Marketing Management

An idea of some of the activities we carry out can be seen below;

  • Administration

We’ll take care of the ‘grunt work’; Approving new affiliate registrations, creative changes, regular communications, exposure opportunities and responding to promotional changes.

  • Affiliate Recruitment

Developing your pipeline of future sales driving affiliates is key. The online marketplace is ever changing and so you need to ensure that the right partners are identified and then recruited to your programme. We will manage this entire process using our key relationships with many affiliates to ensure you gain great exposure on their websites.

  • Affiliate Support

Affiliates need help with various activities whether this is simple communication on an offer, to more complex data feed issues. Many programmes have a flow of inbound enquiries each day, the team here will deal with all of these enquiries for you.

  • Network Liaison

We’ll be in regular contact with your chosen affiliate network to ensure we are up to date with any new exposure opportunities and network developments.

  • Reporting

We manage the reporting requirements of our clients, ensuring the data from various sources ties together with the business reporting needs.

Why Bright Digital Minds?

The team here understand affiliate marketing and have many man years of experience dealing with programmes of all scales. Our experience brings economies of scale as well as already having great relationships with the affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing