Affiliate Window :: M-Commerce Report

Affiliate Window released their second white paper on m-commerce last week, detailing the latest information and statistics on the progress and spread of m-commerce amongst the general public here in the UK. In the six months since their first white paper, Affiliate Window has been monitoring the m-commerce market and, together with reports from independent sources, has put together a comprehensive paper on the growth, expectations and current methods of tracking across the m-commerce platform.

Mobile internet usage has seen a tremendous growth, particularly since the shift in consumers towards smartphones, which recent figures suggest have reached 53% of the UK population, with over half that number regularly accessing the internet daily from their smartphone. As the popularity of smartphones and tablets increase, that figure is set to rise exponentially, and with it the number of sales and sale conversions made on the m-commerce platform.

The latest research from Adobe indicates that mobile search spend has increased by 250%, and the white paper goes on to quote Ben Wightman, Senior PPC Strategist at leading digital marketing agency, Latitude as saying that ‘by the end of 2013 we expect that traffic volumes from smartphones and tablets will exceed desktop’. The report goes in to detail about a company who updated their strategy to include m-commerce rather than relying on e-commerce enabled browsing and saw an astounding leap in sales as a result. The importance of m-commerce enabled browsing on smartphones and tablets, smoothing out and speeding up the transaction process to allow quick and easy purchasing, can apparently make all the difference to your clicks and conversions.

Indeed, mobile payments are fast on the way to becoming something of a norm, with Barclaycard offering contactless payment and the launch of their paytag to enable your smartphone to act like your credit card. Even Aurora Fashions have joined in, accepting PayPal payments via customer’s mobiles when in store.

Mobile trends have continued to grow, with no sign of slowing down in the near future and the report gives some compelling evidence in to just why optimising your business for m-commerce can only benefit your revenue. With breakdowns into the types of smartphone or tablet used to generate sales as well as growth in traffic by device, this report is a must-read for anyone thinking of introducing m-commerce to their business, with clear information on the importance of affiliate tracking, the developments in Affiliate Window’s own platform to support m-commerce and opportunities on offer.