Affiliates 4 U: Performance Marketing Guide for 2013 Released

The ebook of the year is now out and has evolved into a book that we marketers can’t live without. We are, of course, talking about the Affiliates 4 U Performance Marketing Guide for 2013. This book of knowledge has all the on-goings and insights into the industry and makes for a very interesting read.

140 pages of an info book may seem like a lot of  words slammed into some pages…but the Performance Marketing Guide is completely different. Marking out all the changes and evolutions over the last 18 months has been a feat of its own, and all the who’s who and what’s what knowledge reside in these pages. Call it a Bible, if you will, of digital and technological advances for the year 2013.

A4u have teamed up with Commission Junction to offer firm groundings of insight into the digital world. Even the most fresh-faced and budding marketers to the seasoned pros among us can benefit from what is written on the pages. Everyone is certain to find something that they wanted to know, didn’t know or never knew they needed to know about the industry.

The Guide has undergone a mass transformation to coincide with all the digital evolutions that have occurred over the past year, and that are set to come into their own over the next 18 months. The implementations of altering and adding new sections into the guide have been brought forward since the 2011 guide. Technology is a new section in which focuses on the innovation and developments in the industry. Video, call tracking and tag management are some of the topics that are covered for everyone wanting to progress into performance tracking in these areas. Mobile too is really a very interesting read, considering this is a huge pull to cover the ‘grey area.’ I am of course, talking about mobile affiliate tracking and a loss of commission. It sheds light on the current stance and where to cover all your bases, giving it a broader remit in this section of the guide.
You can download the ebook Performance Marketing Guide fro 2013 from A4U here: in all, the Performance Marketing Guide for 2013 is an interesting, knowledgeable and in some cases liberating read. Touching on things that we have been thinking but not acting upon, shedding light on topics that are still fairly new to most small businesses and allowing in depth insights into the industry is certainly a useful tool for any marketing professional, looking for questions, and finding their answers within.