Bing in Cahoots With Facebook To Lauch Personalised Search Sidebar

Microsoft’s Bing is working hard to produce a search engine that stands apart from its competition. Recently it launched its adaptive search that lets Bing learn your interests in order to provide tailored search results based on any previous searches you’ve run when using their search engine. Any results outside those interests that meet your search criteria would appear lower down on the list of results, making it easier to find websites relevant to you.

Now, they’re rolling out their social searching across the US. In conjunction with Facebook, you can now search the internet and get advice and perspective on those search results from your friends. Bing has introduced a personalised sidebar to their search engine that pulls up Facebook friends who may be able to help you with your search based on the key words you’ve used, along with people who have renowned expertise in the field you’re searching who will definitely be able to give you a personal opinion if asked.

Bing believe that people are as important as pages, if you’re looking for the best doctor in your local town, you’re going to ask your friends and neighbours, because you trust their opinion and know they’ll have first hand knowledge. Bing wants to take that ability and introduce it into a search engine for the internet. By allowing you to ask friends it knows have first hand knowledge it’s offering you the choice of verifying unbiased results with real people you know, as well as real people you don’t. With your Facebook feed integrated in to Bing, you can ask relevant friends their opinions on your search results as well as review your activity feed all in one place.

Up against Google for a share of the search engine market, Bing’s popularity has risen slowly but steadily in the three years since it was released and these new ways of searching can only help it to continue to rise. The benefits of a search engine that can tell whether you’re more interested in the film or travelling when you type Australia into the search box is going to be a big draw to anyone who’s ever been frustrated with the irrelevant results they normally get. And the more you use Bing, the smarter it gets about the types of results you’re interested in. Combined with the ability to ask people with first hand experiences of your search and you’ve got a winning choice.