Bright Digital Minds is taking a short sabbatical

Founder of Bright Digital Minds, Hannah Swift, is fulfilling a lifelong ambition to give something back to society and is taking a short six month career break to achieve this dream.

Here she explains why.

“Founding Bright Digital Minds in 2011 was a hugely exciting step and watching the company grow from strength to strength has been incredible. The awards we’ve received are testament to the great work that we’ve produced and the inspirational clients that we’ve worked with.

“Aside from a deep fear that I won’t be able to get a decent cup of tea while I’m away I’ve taken the decision that I would like to achieve some of my own more personal objectives in the coming months until autumn 2014. From 1 March 2014, I will be working abroad and helping at some local charities supporting young people as well as assisting with wildlife protection projects.

“Bright Digital Minds will be back, all guns blazing, from 1 September 2014 and myself and my team look forward to once again providing an excellent service to both local and national companies.

“Please feel free to drop me a line on if you want to discuss any work opportunities from this time.

“I would like to personally thank all my clients for their support, my brilliant team, and look forward to working with you again in the future.”


    1. Di Drinkwater
      January 29th

      Have lots of fun! It sounds like you’ll be doing something really amazing!

    2. Josie T
      January 29th

      That sounds fantastic. Wishing you the best of luck. Please let me know of there is anything I can do to assist! I look forward to reading updates!

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