Commission Factory Re-Launch Affiliate Platform

With the rapid increase in online retail currently being seen in Australia, the affiliate marketing industry is fast expanding to meet the growing demands of online retailers. Commission Factory, an affiliate marketing network based in Australia, provides a platform for Australian advertisers and retailers that allows them to quickly and easily create affiliate programs. Devoted to the Australian market, Commission Factory want to see the Australian affiliate industry grow to compete with other countries.

To help with this goal, Commission Factory launched its new platform that will help users continue to grow their businesses while meeting the demands imposed by the market’s expansion. The company spent eight months researching, programming and testing their new platform for security while ensuring it was robust enough to stand the stresses of a growing industry.

The new platform has been designed to focus on reporting and compliance, allowing affiliates to track their statistics with confidence. Supported by comprehensive training documents and Q&As, new users and old will have no trouble adapting to the new platform on offer, while being in position to meet the demands the market’s growth will require.

Due to the current boom, the Australian market is seeing a lot of international interest from affiliates in the UK and US. Zane McIntyre, Commission Factory’s Managing Director, said: “Many UK and US affiliates are finding great success in the Australian marketplace because up until recently the industry was relatively underdeveloped. The competition is low and the professionalism and competitiveness of the UK affiliates translates to an aggressive and successful presence in the Australian online space.”

It’s hoped that the new platform will help provide a catalyst for change within the Australian affiliate marketplace, and Commission Factory is set to further expand functionality by offering an API to third party developers, allowing them to create their own add-ons, plug-ins and apps that can be incorporated as needed by users of the network. By offering such customisation, the platform can be tailored to each individual user’s needs.

With it’s simple, clean and easy to use interface, Commission Factory’s new platform that has been specifically designed to meet the growing online marketing industry. Affiliate marketing and it’s paid-on-performance structure needs a stable platform foundation to work from in order for the Australian market to reach its full potential. Commission Factory’s new platform offers just that, with a large pool of verified and ethical affiliates available to users so they don’t have to search and vet for themselves.

Relative newcomers to the market, Commission Factory launched just under two years ago and have swiftly become rising stars in the industry. Working hard to train clients and provide a strong knowledge base around affiliate marketing, the company is keen to help facilitate the affiliate and online retail industry towards greater online visibility. Passionate about seeing the market grow to compete with other countries, Commission Factory are working to become a leader in the Australian affiliate market and their new platform will set them well on the road to just that.

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