Digital Consultancy

Strategy for the online world

We find one of the most rewarding services we offer to be the digital consultancy, giving an organisation a fresh pair of eyes and some honest advice to help drive their business forward. There are many online cowboys ready to extract money at every corner, but here at Bright Digital Minds, we offer a transparent service, which means you know exactly what we are doing at all times.

We also ensure we are training you as we go, so that our service continues after we have been to see you.

Whether you simply need to chat through your ideas or are looking for an agency to sit with you through your entire strategy, implementation and analysis Bright Digital Minds can help.

Digital Consultancy

Some of the consultancy services we offer include;
Overall digital strategy – are you headed in the right direction?
Website management – are you doing everything you can to optimise your web presence?
Channel selection – which digital tools should you be using?
Integrating your strategy – do all your marketing channels integrate with each other?
Partner tenders – are you getting the best from your current online partners?
Research – we can help look at future technologies or current ones
Audits – we can take an un-biased look at your current activity and advise on any gaps or areas for improvement