Social Media Management

Social sales at your fingertips

Social Media is at the forefront of many digital marketing campaigns, from the traditional and first form of social media; blogging, right up to the latest in social networking platforms and applications. Bright Digital Minds offer a comprehensive consultancy and management service, whether you are new to social media or just need fresh input into your campaign.

Social Media Management

Some of our social media services include;

Social Strategy
Stuck on where to start with your social media campaigns? Unsure what you need to be putting where, how it needs to be written and what you should be measuring? Bright Digital Minds have expertise in all forms of social media and setting up campaigns with great ROI and results. Spending time and effort planning your campaigns will ensure a well developed strategy with clearly defined goals that can be measured and analysed. Bright Digital Minds are able to use their skills to set up your campaigns and develop extensive strategies that fit within budget, objectives and brand.

Brand Management and Creation
Protecting your brand online through a number of channels can be challenging to do in house, Bright Digital Minds have the skills and tools to ensure all your forms of marketing are tied together coherently. By integrating your social media communities with your offline and other online strategies they are able to ensure your brand is always protected and well represented. BDM can also help to grow your brand presence online, using channels such as social networks, blogs and video marketing.

Customer Management
Social media is a direct way of communicating with your customers, both prospective and current. Managing this communication line effectively can give you a quick and cheap additional arm of your customer services team. Efficiently managing customer enquiries and complaints in a public forum can prove to also be an additional sales tool. BDM offer a full outsourced customer management service, sitting in line with your brand and customer policies.

Online PR
Get your message to the masses in a timely well structured manner and you will feel the results. From press releases, new products, offers and even company news BDM can deliver comprehensive online PR strategies through your social media channels. From the creation of press releases to their delivery to relevant parties both through social media and online PR routes, BDM can ensure your message is sent out to the masses.

Don’t be fooled, sales will not come straight away and should not be the main goal of your social media campaigns. Sales will happen incrementally. To ensure you get high quality, returning customers and to make sure the sales process through social media channels is easy and converts, speak to BDM. They can help smooth out all the processes and show you how to keep your social media fans and followers into buyers.

Monitoring and Reporting
Effective ROI is the key to any campaign. Setting goals, monitoring progress and being able to collect the results for analysis can be hard with many social media channels. BDM work with key monitoring partners and will show you how to monitor your campaigns. They will also show you the best ways to analyse your results to give you the best insight and to be able to strategically progress your efforts.

Community Management
Different channels of your social media campaign will have different types of user, from the business users on LinkedIn to the lovers of networking sites such as Facebook. Knowing how your followers or fans joined up will help you to market to them to gain the best results possible. BDM can show you the different mind sets of your social media campaign followers and how to effectively engage and market to them.