Digital Training

Offering the support or training you need to grow your online sales

Does your organisation need to know more about digital marketing? Our trainers can arrange sessions covering a variety of topics depending on the knowledge and experience of your staff.

Some of the topics we can cover are;

  • What are affiliates?
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Basic to Advanced SEO
  • Getting the most from PPC
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing

And more!

We offer a range of training programmes and sessions from a few hours, to a week and then follow up sessions too.

Digital Training

Why Bright Digital Minds for your training?

  • Flexible – We can tailor all our training to you or your organisations needs. We can also offer in house training or you can come to our office or we can meet in the middle.
  • Fun – We won’t force you to sit all day and listen, we’ll get you involved and make sure your learning is fun!
  • Local Training – We offer a number of local digital events, helping to train the local community on how digital can aid their businesses.
  • Professional – We offer training based on our years of industry knowledge and will provide up to date information based on our governing bodies requirements.
  • Timescales – We can offer short courses or longer training solutions based on your needs