Effective Affiliate Programme: Top Tips

Unearthing how to keep on top of your affiliate programme can be difficult, however we believe that with covering the basic elements, you can drive your programme forward this new year. We have put together some top tips for ensuring that your affiliate programme is as effective and efficient as it can potentially be. They are simple. They may seem trivial. They are also the most obvious of things. They are also the most over-looked when speaking with other account managers, so don’t snarl at us before you ensure that you have covered these areas too.

There will be certain affiliates who you always turn to who drive the majority or large amounts of sales for your programme. One thing that we like to do is create a list of the top-tier affiliates so we can keep track on what is selling where. Ensure they’re signed up to your programme firstly and foremost, and then double check their site. You want to make sure that they have live links in listing that are relevant to your programme on their sites, and if not, mention this to them. You want to take special care of these golden few, as all it takes is for them to start making better sales elsewhere, and you have lost an important affiliate. Be sure you supply them with interesting consumer messages frequently so they can keep on top with fresh data, links, offers etc holding you in place.

For any affiliate, it is more than important to create and establish a good working relationship with your contacts. Staying in touch is vital, and we don’t just mean by consumer messaging and bulk emails. Pick up the phone every now and again or at least send them a personal email just dropping in and ensuring that everything is OK. It’s in our human nature to care more about something if someone shows you a little time and affection. We’re not saying you have to wine and dine your contacts, but a little wave and a nod here and there doesn’t go unnoticed. Make sure you have done everything you can do to keep them happy, and as a result, you will see results and be happy too!

Don’t forget about the ‘little man’ in your contacts lists. We all have those contacts that crop up towards the bottom of our reports pages that haven’t generated that much or any volume in sales. Don’t assume they have everything they need and definitely don’t write them off just yet. Check in with these contacts periodically to ensure they are up-to-date with things and don’t need a little help. You will be surprised to hear that sometimes, people just need things explaining to them and once this has been done, you may uncover a hidden treasure cove in this contact.

To sum up, one of the best tips that we can offer for running an effective and successful affiliate programme, is ensure that you have the basics covered. Things like speaking with your contacts, ensuring people know what is expected of them as an affiliate and updating them with consumer messages to push out to generate sale are the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and require your attention. With this in mind try we are quite sure that you will see a difference in your programme and the results you see.

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