Exciting New Changes Are Being Made To Twitter Timeline To Improve Quality

Twitter is rolling out new changes to their timeline and have been doing so since the end of September. It’s all about Twitter Quality. Their plan is to make the changes slowly for members, so they can adjust over a period of time; rather than all at once. Twitter intends to allow the user to switch back and forth for a period of time, to enhance the learning curve. Unlike the large Facebook changes we have seen recently that have caused uproar, Twitter have chosen to introduce these changes softly.

Most of the big changes will be familiar to those who use the mobile applications. Mobile users have already been enjoying the enhanced versatility and control in the timeline for quite a while. As you open and hover over links, you will find in-line listings of retweets and favorites at the top of the page instead of at the bottom.

Want to check out a profile? Now instead of changing the sidebar, when you click the members name a light box will cover the page supplying all the needed information. The changes to the twitter timeline seem to make the sidebar more useful rather than obsolete as many may argue.

These new redesigns may encourage members to spend more time in twitter time line. The new threaded like conversions may seem more convenient to desktop members once they get the hang of it. You can now click an open bottom, which expands the tweet and includes replies in the display.

The redesign to the twitter timeline seems to improve conversation tracking. Most are saying that the changes are making an already easy to use social media site even easier to use.

Twitter has also changed its authentication requirements for third-party users; this will greatly improve the speed of switching between timeline and other applications for their mobile users.

Spending more time in twitter timeline can be an advantage to easy quick changes in conversations and newsfeeds. Don’t forget the added in-line media feeds for your photos and videos. The open button will allow for quick back and forth replies and the inclusion of the visually important photo and video feeds.

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