Facebook New Ad Interface

Facebook has made quite a few updates to its ad units this year. To name just a few of these changes, Facebook has launched mobile app ads, streamlined its ads products and enabled the ability to target based on recency. GM claimed that ads on Facebook didn’t pay off and stopped running ads on the social network. These improvements were designed to help improve performance of ads and GM has since resumed advertising on Facebook.

With a redesigned ad buying experience, Facebook is now enabling brands to ensure their ads perform better. You will now start with objectives that you want to reach with each ad, including clicks to website, website conversions, Page post engagement, Page Likes, app installs, app engagement, in-store Offer claims, and event responses. Based on the objective you choose, Facebook will give you their recommended type of ad that is appropriate to your objectives, such as a Page post link ad if you are looking to drive clicks to a website. During and after your ad runs, Facebook will show how your ad performed against the objective.

With this new ad buying interface, Facebook is changing the way advertisers go about buying ads. By putting the objective of advertising first, Facebook is encouraging marketers to think about the performance of advertising instead of simply in terms of numbers. As advertisers actually see their ads meet objectives, they will be more likely to spend money on Facebook ads again.

Facebook’s new focus on performance will help benefit the social network and also encourage more advertisers to utilize the platform, hopefully it will help shift the entire industry in this direction.

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