Facebook Offers

You may have seen some new things appearing on Facebook recently – including ‘Facebook Offers‘. They are Facebook’s new attempt to help page owners drive traffic and sales. Currently free to run, but limited to a small number of pages, they are a great way of raising a page’s profile and gaining new likes.

Once the offer is live, it’ll appear in the newsfeed and in the newsfeed of those who claim it. People can comment on the offer, like it and claim it from the newsfeed.

Once someone has accepted your offer, Facebook will email the customer. They can then use that email to claim the offer!

There are loads of handy hints and tips for creating an offer here.
If your page isn’t yet set up for offers, just let Facebook know and they’ll try and get you the functionality sooner (here)


1. Go to your page. Then from the sharing tool, click ‘Offer, Event +’ to open up the offers section.

2. Choose an image for your offer – remember that these will be shared, so the image needs to work as a thumbnail.

3. Pick a really strong headline for your offer. Keep it short and sweet and to the point. This will be shared so needs to be attention grabbing!

4. Fix up your small print – how many of your offer can be bought? When does the offer end? Anything else people should know about? Don’t forget to set an expiration date!

5. Preview the post and then post it! Sit back and see what happens. Don’t forget to try different offers and test the results! See what works for your audience!

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