Featured Company :: Bloggabase

This month saw the launch of UK based product review service, Bloggabase. Set up and run by two disenfranchised bloggers, both of whom are public relations professionals in their own right, Bloggabase is unusual in its conception as it aims to educate marketing professionals and bloggers, and help build relationships that work.

Bloggabase has invited bloggers to sign up, for free, regardless of the size of their reader base, metrics or ranking. Online marketers will be able to search the database of registered bloggers using keywords to find blogs that write about, and are supported by readers who enjoy, the topic of the marketing campaign in question. Keywords are assigned to each blog by the blog owner during registration, allowing bloggers to choose the types of campaigns and communications they receive. The keywords also allow PR, SEO and other marketing companies to target blogs and bloggers ethically, help reduce time wasted contacting blogs who don’t fit the subject targeted by the campaign, and create working relationships with blogs and bloggers that are beneficial to both sides.

Where Bloggabase differs is in its decision to allow bloggers to report companies and campaigns that approach them with outreach proposals that are inappropriately targeted. Should that marketer receive three such reports against them, Bloggabase will essentially give them a timeout and block access to the database for a short period of time while they contact the company to get to the bottom of the issue. A quick and easy solution to blanket marketing proposals that are wildly unsuitable for each blogger’s specialist area of personal interest and a way to keep overzealous marketing companies in line, this decision should help companies and bloggers gain a better understanding of each other’s needs.

As well as targeted keywords and a database of bloggers ready and willing to be contacted, owners and creators Andy and Rich have created an algorithm that ranks blogs registered based on their prominence, and search engine optimisation value. For the blogger, this algorithm will suggest a price per blog post, allowing them to have a better understanding of the value of their blog posts in monetary terms. For the marketer, a number of metrics are also available to help them choose which bloggers they will be better suited to contact, including up-to-date unique visitor information. Bloggabase is working towards educating both sides of the table to produce beneficial and profitable results for both parties, and they’re doing it with style and a great sense of humour.

Visit the website here – http://www.bloggabase.com/
Follow them on Twitter here – http://twitter.com/#!/bloggabase