Featured Company Of The Week – MymCart

MymCart are providers of mobile commerce that is simple to use, effective and reasonably priced. They can get your business up and running, quickly and securely, with no need for programming knowledge, so that you can take advantage of the m-commerce market. Suitable for use on either Android or iOS phones, MymCart allows you take advantage of both platforms to target potential customers regardless of their phone’s platform. With exponential growth across both platforms, neither is likely to disappear any time soon, so using an m-commerce app that can reach both markets is nothing but beneficial.

MymCart uses PayPal to process payments, you’ll need a business account with them, but by using PayPal you have a large organisation providing a secure and reliable payment solution. Credit card payments can be easily processed, removing all the hassle for you, and payment is fully integrated in to the app to make purchasing seamless.

You can personalise your mobile store with your logo, banners, colours and text to make it suit your brand. The dashboard, essentially the homepage once you’ve logged in, will display your total orders, orders shipped and total revenue to date. From there you can manage your store, add products, change your settings and more. MymCart have made adding products incredibly easy, just fill out a simple form, upload a photo and your product is live! Product pages are clear and simple, providing photos, full specification and, should you wish it, estimated delivery times; everything your customer needs to know to make purchasing easy.

MymCart also has a number of add-ons available to enhance your mobile store and help increase sales. Called ‘Bolt-ons’, these are services that can easily be switched on, and are tried and tested and already in use by other MymCart users.

With more and more people realising that their mobile phone gives them access to a world of easy to browse stores and information, m-commerce has been rising in popularity. Placing your products in app marketplaces will allow new customers to interact with your products, increase your sales, and help grow your brand. Designed to be as user friendly as possible, MymCart is perfect for non-technical people to set up a mobile store and get started. Icon driven, the dashboard is easy to use and you can be up and selling in no time. With four different packages to suit all needs, MymCart is a great way to get your business mobile.