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Social media has become a driving force in pushing information and products to consumers you wouldn’t have been able to previously reach. The use of social media can allow you to interact with those consumers to far greater levels and vice versa, with your users pushing your products to their network and effectively providing you with endorsed advertising. Facebook is the largest social network currently online, with 901 million active users as of the end of March this year, 80% of whom are located outside the US and Canada, and is a great resource for retailers. Finding a way to incorporate Facebook into your company’s social networking can only mean good things for your business.

SKUmatic offer an integrated product catalogue specially designed for use on Facebook. It allows the automated building of store listings and product catalogues that will allow Facebook users to browse your products and find local store information via your Facebook page or click through to your company site. SKUmatic can also help provide marketers with local dealer information, advertising and promotional campaigns, Quick Response codes and more, so that you can keep track, create marketing promotions, and help grow your business through Facebook.

The product catalogue can be installed to Facebook with just one, single click, and is a self-contained application that allows visitors to browse products, ask for advice from friends, find local stores that stock their chosen item and view any promotions you may be running. The application will also track click-throughs so you can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign, the Friends Advice and Shop Now buttons. In addition, every QR code generated can be monitored by the reporting module to track use by customers.

You can create and apply your own coupon codes inside the application, targeting Facebook visitors and helping to increase sales conversions. The control panel allows you to define start/end dates and customise the look of the coupon. SKUmatic also generates a Quick Response code for every product entered in to the catalogue, along with a unique mobile friendly URL to help drive customer interaction with products and promotions. You can also customise messages, embed images or video demonstrations to make the most of your QR codes and how they can help increase your business.

The colour scheme of the application is fully customisable, so you can design the page to mimic the colours of your company page or logo by customising menu headers, backgrounds, text and links, and reducing the need to pay for additional design.

Your product catalogue can be managed by brand name, customise category names and even assign brands and products to individual retailers if your catalogue isn’t fully stocked in every store. With the ability to upload function for products and category listing rules in bulk you can save time and effort while adding thousands of products in one go.

You can also create information on individual retailers including store locations, contact information and items stocked. Fully flexible, you can upload banners, logos and images unique to each store. The Where To Buy page incorporates some of this information, along with providing a search engine for nearby retailers if users input their postcode.

By fully integrating a product catalogue, store location details, assign unique products to individual retailers, and provide customers with a means of interacting with your products and other users, SKUmatic have created an easy to use system that can help increase your sales and customer base through the use of social media.

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