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Google Hummingbird &15 Years of Google

Google LogoGoogle is one of the worlds biggest search engines and companies in the world. The search engine that started in a garage is now a world wide phenomenon with millions of people using Google as their search engine of choice. Over the years Google have expanded. After predominately being a search engine the company started to branch out offering pictures, and shopping ideas. Google have now bought Youtube and have rights to the worlds biggest video sharing website on the internet. There is no doubt that Google have succeeded and achieved what they set out to do. However, the big question now is maintaining improvement. Google have recently started their new social media channel labelled Google plus. This has been fairly disappointing for Google, and although it has become a tool for many businesses, the social media channel falls short of social media kingpins Facebook and Twitter. Google have also recently launched their Google drive program, which enables businesses to store and share a variety of different data. This has helped businesses across the world as all the data available to them is stored on Google drive.

Google are also known for the great treatment of their staff. Google provide on site doctors to their staff to ensure that all staff are treated when sick, Google also provide their staff with Japanese Toto toilets which ensure that all staff is clean and fresh after they have visited the toilet. Google are also big on water-sports and give their staff the opportunity to swim in the mini pools that are on Google’s site. The mini pools include one of Google’s lab pools where the pools waves are manipulated and act as a water treadmill, where you can swim for hours. Google also offer the conference bike where employees have to work together in order to get the bike to move. This provides an excellent team building exercise as well as providing the staff with a lot of fun. Google also offer their staff free food around the world famous Goolgeplex. Here staff are able to eat at the cafeteria free of charge which is also a massive perk for all employees. The only food that costs money at the Googlplex is the vending machines where Google have incorporated a competitive pricing system where the more unhealthy the food, the higher the price. This is to ensure that employees don’t get fat and eat healthier. Google also offer free haircuts to employees. This is an excellent perk as staff can get their hair cut free of charge by a variety of mobile hairdressers. Google also have a ball pit on site. Here members of the staff are able to jump into the ball pit and have a lot of fun in the process. As you can see Google think highly of their employees that has resulted in higher productivity levels for the business.

Recently Google celebrated their birthday by offering the world an interactive Google Doodle that allowed for users to take part in an interactive pinnate game. However, Google also announced the Hummingbird update as part of their birthday plans. The Google Hummingbird update has chnged the search engines algorithm which has brought changes and allowed Google to handle “Conversational searches” which enables more accurate searches on complex queries. Google Hummingbird also embraces the use of mobile usage which is expected to overtake desktop in two years time. Hummingbird also presents a new change in Googles old method of keyword searches. The Keyword search ignored the use of certain words, however, now Google Hummingbird takes into account a wide variety of different words in order to get the best search possible. Google Hummingbird’s main focus is the context of different words and how they link together, this algorithm makes Google searches a lot more accurate and efficient.

This evolution has also raised the question of SEO’s part and if it really is dead. However, this is not the case as the new algorithm has ensured that those who are willing to put effort in will reap the rewards. Page specification is also included kin the Google update and instead of taking you to a website’s home page, google are committed to taking their users to the exact page. This means less clicks and better efficiency. Google have also put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the sites on their rankings. The top ranked websites will need to have quality written content both on and off the pages so users can not only see a page but provide links. Website owners will have to find out ways of implementing new content but do it in such a way that make them authoritative amongst search engines and readers.

Overall, the Google Hummingbird update is a positive and has made searching a lot easier and more effective than t has been before. It is clear that Google are wanting to promote more detailed content. Website owners will have to incorporate this into their sites in order to achieve higher rankings in Google. Google are one of the biggest companies in the world and have come a long way from starting in a garage. Google believe in treating their staff right and have excellent values. The Hummingbird update has made searching for a website easier as the whole of a users search is taken into consideration, not just the keywords. Google will want to continually grow over the next few years and will definitely look to expand as they have already done with Google Mail and Google Drive.

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