Guest Post :: Girl Friday For Hire

I was recently introduced to a brand new content writer starting out and looking for work, so I gave her a whirl and found her to not only be super speedy, but her content made for great reading too. She also did some coding for me and ensured the content was SEO friendly. So as a thanks for being so speedy and helpful I allowed her a guest post;

Hello, my name’s Tors. As I’m reasonably certain none of you are likely to have ever met me I should mention I’m not Scandinavian, blonde nor built to fill out an opera diva’s breast plate but instead blessed with parents who felt that Vicky wasn’t the correct nickname for Victoria when it came to their eldest child.

I’m offering my services as a content writer, proof reader or editor. Examples of my work can be found on the Doctor Who website (I wrote a day-in-the-life diary piece here and I’m a vintage, crafting, decorating blogger, which can be found at Girl Meets Wolf, along with details of guest posts I’ve written for other bloggers. My background is in fiction, short stories and the such like. I’m unpublished, but never having submitted anything for publishing that’s not a terrible surprise.

I am more than happy to write about anything and everything. If I don’t know about the subject I’ll research it. In fact, I’ll probably carry on researching it after the piece is written if it’s interesting and you’d probably be surprised by what I find interesting (fiction writer remember, we find everything interesting).

I’m incredibly literate, a voracious reader, a complete geek and my previous career was in television, so I’m very good at meeting deadlines and working under pressure. I know basic html/ CSS (I’ve built basic websites and customise blog templates) and SEO. My rates are competitive (3p per word, for larger pieces I’ll negotiate a rate per piece) and I’m always happy to discuss requirements. I can provide pieces for the web with links, formatting and image codes already written in to the text if required and for a small fee. My turnaround can be as quick as needed (within reason) and I’m contactable by email at email or through my blog. I’m looking to build as much writing/ editing work as possible to allow me to work from home, hopefully that way I can stop my large wolf (dog) from eating all the furniture whenever I leave the house. Please help me save my sofas