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How to get more out of your Google+ Page

Google + enables a variety of different businesses to stay connected with each other internally and externally. In this blog I will be talking about the benefits of Google + and how it can benefit an organisation.

Google Drive

One of the big benefits of Google plus is the Google Drive tool. Google Drive is an extremely helpful online document program allowing businesses to share documents both internally and externally. I have personally had first hand experience with this working with Bright Digital Minds. At Bright Digital Minds our wide range of clients have access to documents that have been created to help them to have a better understanding of the affiliate system and affiliate relations. Google Drive also helps the Bright Digital Minds team internally. Members of the Bright Digital Minds team are able to access files form the comfort of their own computer. This saves members of staff manually sending information via email. This has helped us a great deal as we can now keep an accurate log of our clients affiliates and their performance.

Sharing Content

Google Drive isn’t the only way to get more out of your Google plus. Google Plus enables businesses to stay connected with the world with Google +. Businesses can update their statuses and provide the public with information about potential ventures and client news. This will create attention towards the organisation and create more interest. However, an organisation has to update their Google + page regularly in order to maintain interest. On the internet things get old really quickly and if an organisation fails to update their Google + page regularly then it can cause interest to be lost.

Video Opportunities

As many know, video plays a big part online. Google owns the biggest video sharing network in the world in Youtube, and businesses should look to capitalise on this opportunity. Businesses can post videos about their operations online which in return will hopefully create interest in their brand. Organisations can also post potential adverts online to gain a consumers opinion and help the business gain an idea of what their target audience wants. Video can be massively beneficial for organisations. Many organisations have thousands of online Youtube views from posting videos online. Organisations can also pay Youtube to get their advertisements on site. This will develop interest and draw people towards the brand.

Google Analytics

Google Anlytics can also be extremely beneficial to organisations. Google Analytics enables businesses to measure sales and conversions and gives the business an insight into how the consumer entered your site and how the consumer uses the site. This is especially effective when a business is reviewing their site. Google Analytics can also tell a business what areas of a businesses website is performing well and what areas of the site is rarely used. Google Analytics can also measure the success of businesses social media programs. This will especially help businesses and give them a better insight of their target market. Google Analytics can also measure an organisations online advertising campaign using link analysis. Businesses will be able to see how many people have clicked on their advertisement via Google Anaytics which will ultimately help businesses during their advert evaluation. Businesses will be able to to use Google Analytics as evidence after an advert has matured.

Overall, Google + can be an effective tool for most businesses. Businesses can do anything from generating interest to analysing business activity. Google + shows the capability and effectiveness of the internet in today business world. The internet is now accessible worldwide, and can be extremely profitable for a business with the correct structure and marketing. Google + can help businesses by offering tools in order to aid businesses carrying out tasks manually. Businesses are able to act a lot more swiftly in terms of advertising periods with many organisations changing their advertising more frequently than before. Overall, Google+ is an excellent tool for every business.


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