ImpactTag – A New Way Of Tracking

Watch this space for a new and supremely innovative tracking, modeling and tag management solution. It’s hot on the market and offering exclusive trials right now! They have a clever attribution system that will allow you to model your data to define the value of every touch point of your incoming visitors.

At ImpactTag, they see the value in first, last and path click models, and so will you. They recognise that no business is the same, and as such build models that are based around you and your business – so you can really see where to attribute spend and worth from your various marketing channels.

ImpactTag will help you see the true value for each of your campaigns, helping to make sure your budget is being spent wisely.

They are already working with a number of large brands who have already seen staggering results including;
- One client found that 16% of their affiliates who introduced a customer to their business were never paid.
- One affiliate lost 75% of their sales due to the networks own last click attribution.
- Another client showed that 19% of their assigned PPC transactions were touching CPA transactions – giving them the opportunity to drastically reduce spend by assigning values correctly.
- Another client running an internal de-duping system saved 10% of the CPA spends – as they were double counting sales.

The case studies speak for themselves!

If you want to be ahead of the game and ensure your marketing budget is spent as effectively as possible, get in touch with ImpactTag today and take out their FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL!

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