Looking at running a Twitter Competition – Make the most of your company promotions

downloadWith social media now becoming a huge marketing tool for any business, running a competition is a great way for a brand to increase it’s followers as well as raising awareness of their campaigns. That’s why Twitter has become an increasingly popular social media tool to use for running competitions, and there are plenty of businesses out there that are taking advantage of this, but are they making the most of promotions and playing by the rules?

When it comes to running a competition via Twitter it’s pretty straightforward, however there are some guidelines implemented, unlike Facebook though businesses aren’t required to set-up any third party applications to be within terms.

Many brands may not be aware that Twitter competitions come under the CAP Code of advertising and sales promotion, and that in this case there are strict compliance issues that need to be adhered to.

To make sure that your twitter competition is compliant as well as being effective, the following three points will give you a base point to begin:

• Does it work for your brand?
• Does it work within industry competition guidelines?
• Does it work within Twitter’s platform guidelines?

Will it work for the brand?

Anyone who is experienced in the running of a “Follow and Re-Tweet” promotion will no doubt be aware of the people known as “Serial Compers”; these are people who enter competitions on a semi-professional basis.

They aren’t necessarily genuine fans of your brand, they’re actually fans of winning free products, and so what’s the best way to dispose of these serial compers?

An idea for businesses would be to look at value over volume, so why not make your fans actually do something worthwhile rather then just posting out a retweet. You could look at getting them to make suggestions about your brand by asking a question or even ask them to head to your site to find an answer to a question that you’ve posted on Twitter.

By participating in these simple processes it will encourage your true fans to invest their time in to learning a bit more about your brand, it will also ensure that your competition is more effective by driving awareness of your brand and the campaign that you’re running.

Is the promotion that you’re running legal?
In the world of Twitter there are two legal promotions that brands are able to run, these are as follows –

• An actual competition – This is where the winning of the prize on offer requires the winner to have some input, so that this can then be judged.
• A sweepstake with a random prize draw – The winner is selected completely by chance.

For both of these you need to make sure that your promotion is compliant. As per the CAP code you need to make the following information clear before any participants enter –

• The prize on offer.
• The start and closing date.
• The entry mechanic.

In providing this information you’ve ensured that anybody who enters or shares the competition with others is making others aware of the terms to the competition. CAP code also states that all prize draws must be adjudicated independently by a third party who doesn’t work for the company.

All of this will come at a cost, but by meeting these guidelines it means that the running of your promotion will be all above board in the eyes of the CAP code.

Will the Twitter platform like it?

With a lot of Marketers feeling the pressure to keep their Twitter numbers up, most brands have resorted to “Follow and Re-Tweet” competitions that will see a boost in their followers, but again this will interest “Serial Compers”.

In the eyes of Twitter they want their platform to be full of interesting content, which means that they don’t want their users spamming their followers with multiple tweets, or the setting up of multiple accounts so that more promotions can be entered.

In turn if any competitions that are run by a brand were to encourage this sort of behaviour Twitter would in turn shut the platform down.

If you’re unaware of the overall guidelines of Twitter then the following information will come to good use –

By following the main three points when it comes to running a promotion this will help to raise brand awareness even more in a positive way and you should see some great results.

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