MySpace Is Back!

Justin Timberlake is known for many things…singing, acting, dating Brittany Spears, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel. Would you ever really think of him as a social media mogul? Well, maybe it’s time to start. Justin Timberlake has bought the first ever profile social media site, MySpace for just a fraction of its original value at $35 million. This is amazingly cheap if you look at the initial value of the site. Hitting numbers that would rival Facebook, it was one of the fastest growing networks around. However, after bad business deals, clunky uploads and bizarre changes to the site, people fell out of love with it and ran straight into the arms of its opposition.

Justin Timberlake, has decided that enough is enough and instead of all the digital dead space that MySpace is taking up, he wants to completely revamp it and build the site up again “entirely from scratch.” With a video outlining some of the high-end changes, it is visible to see that they tech guys over at MySpace have indeed been incredibly busy rediscovering what it is that people like to see on social media sites. They have stripped back all the bad decisions that were made with the site in the past and rebuilt it in a way designed to capture you from the beginning. Justin is said to have wanted the site to be aimed primarily at fans and the entertainment industry, with glimpses of capturing the imagination of others outside this target market.

There does seem to be a real buzz from the people on the ‘ground level’ wanting to know more about the site and when it will be up and running. People have been very vocal of late with regards to the latest Facebook changes, incorporating the timeline and way people can view your profile – it hasn’t been welcomed with open arms. So we beg to ask the question…will the new Myspace be a direct threat and rival to that of something that our children have now grown up with? It certainly has the potential from what we’ve seen to possibly do so. You can clearly see influences from other social media sites, such as Facebook and Pinterest, however, it would be slightly worrying if Myspace came up with a new idea that was set to fail. The aim to have ‘played it safe’ may seem evident, but rebuilding a brand that by the end had such a negative vibe around it, seemed nigh impossible.

It is unclear as to when the brand new and shiny site will be launching (or should that be re-launching?), but one thing is set to be believed…the launch will be BIG and people will know that MySpace is making a fierce comeback.

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