The New Bright Digital Minds Website

With the growth of Bright Digital Minds going from strength to strength, it was only a matter of time before the launch of a new and improved website ended up being the next appropriate step to take. Over the last 18 months Hannah Swift the owner of Bright Digital Minds has seen the business come on leaps and bounds, so wanted to showcase this in an understated, yet elegant website that showed off exactly what they have to offer to potential clients, as well as to give examples of the clientèle that are currently on board.

Hannah Swift gave an overview of her successful business – “Over the last 18 months the industry has grown rapidly, and so has Bright Digital Minds. One of our core values is to be at the forefront of digital marketing, and with this in mind, we took the decision to launch a new website with all our latest services. We have been lucky to secure a number of new client wins as well as new staff members who have recently joined the team”

Bright Digital Minds, from the beginning has been at the very forefront of digital marketing and was set up as an aid to companies who needed some experienced knowledge on how to go forward with their digital marketing needs. With a vast knowledge that includes specialising in blog management, affiliate marketing consultancy and training, social media management, site clinics and freelance copy-writing, there really is nothing that this company doesn’t know about digital marketing. Due to the nature of the business the new website is also going to be used as a place to show the array of offers and vouchers that the clientèle currently have to offer, which goes to show how consistent Bright Digital Minds are with their advertising skills.

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