Paid On Results Nofollow Tool

por-icon-png-1Paid On Results are the first affiliate network to bring out a new tool which allows merchants to nofollow links to their site and affiliates to nofollow links from their site. Nofollow is a piece of code which tells a search engine not to follow a link. This means that the link will not pass any page rank or authority which are metrics used in calculating the ranking of a site.

This new tool has been introduced as a growing number of merchants are convinced by some SEO companies that the reason for their drop in rankings is in part down to affiliate links. With the nofollow tool merchants can decide whether to follow or nofollow all affiliate links going to their site, which for Paid On Results is a lot easier than trying to counter the SEO companies arguments. This simple solution means that merchants on Paid On Results can ignore the advice of SEO companies and focus their attention on building their affiliate programme.

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