Pinterest Business Model

Last week saw the launch of the new business resources and tools offered by Pinterest. One of the fastest growing social media networks, it seems like the changes have come just at the right time…but what exactly are the changes?

Well, we can report…not very many. The basics are slightly different. Instead of typing in a first and last name, you can use your business name…a basic that sort of needs no explaining…but we have to cover it because that’s basically it in the way of changes right now. You can also verify your website by using a hidden line of coding that is produce and synced to your account. This ‘syncing,’ when the code is recognised, offers a verification badge on your profile, creating a more solid business presence. Companies that already have a Pinterest account for their business can covert over the existing profile to a business one.

When you go through the sign-up or converting process you will be faced with the encouragement of embedding widgets onto your page. This is a completely new feature, but alas, not just one that is available for companies. It is also being rolled out to the personal accounts, so nothing that separates the business sign up. You will also be encouraged to add pint it or follow buttons onto your business site so as to create the sense of brand loyalty – obviously Pinterest want something in return for creating business tools, and a click back is their way of doing this.

Whilst it doesn’t sound like much of a change, as all the basic features are offered to both business and personal usage of the site, there is a promise from Pinterest to the business sector side. You will receive emails informing you of any and all changes and updates for future products and resources, as well as have some say on what features you would like to see Pinterest use. For the now though, there are no analytics on site, no scheduling tool as of yet, nor can you even link your Pinterest site to a business page or fan site on Facebook yet.

Whilst it can’t be a bad thing to create more of a business presence on the site, there isn’t much that Pinterest are currently offering in the way of doing this. On paper, the developments and future products would be more beneficial, so we are keeping an eye out on these and we’ll update as soon as we know more.