Pinterest Develops The Already Popular Programme Further By Introducing Even More Useful Pins

imagesSince Pinterest launched on the web in March 2010 it was up against some stiff competition from other social media giants, however in the first one to two years of launching it really made a huge impact within the social media -

  • Pinterest – launched 2010 – 10.4 million users as of early 2012
  • Facebook – launched 2004 – 6 million users as of 2005
  • Twitter – launched 2006 – 3 million users as of 2008

The concept behind the site is that Pinterest is a social networking site that uses a visually-pleasing “virtual pin-board” interface. The users of the site collect photos which they can then link to any products that they like, which in turn creates their own pin boards, they can also follow the pin boards of other individuals whom they also find of interest.

With such a different idea to social media the following statistics gives an overview of how it’s worked well in their favour -

  • The growth of Pinterest has been better then that of Twitter or Facebook at the same point in their history.
  • The volume of Pinterest users who visited the site daily have gone up by 145 percent since the beginning of 2012.
  • Pinterest content in the UK is very different to the rest of the world, as it seems to centre more around blogging resources, web analytic and venture capital.
  • Around 80 percent of their users are female.

Because of the huge success that the site has seen since it launched, it’s now introducing pins that will be even more useful to all of it’s users. The idea is that when a user finds something that they love on Pinterest and would like to learn more about, so that they can act on this, Pinterest have taken the next step so that pins can be even more useful to the user as well as making it more accessible to pin wherever they are.

As a starting point they have taken a further step in the right direction by working with some of the webs most popular websites who are now providing more information on some of their previous pins, this way the users can do more of what they love. For example the users may star to notice the following -

  • Movie Pins that include content ratings, cast members and a lot more.
  • Product Pins that can be used for things such as furniture and clothing with availability, pricing and even the option of where to buy from, which is updated daily.
  • Recipe Pins for your favourite website and bloggers that can include ingredients, servings and cooking time.

From the users feed they can then tell when more information has appeared on a pin as an icon will then appear below the picture. Pinterest are then going to update all of their users old pins so that they can become more useful in the future, which is an added bonus as it could be extremely frustrating if the user had to start their pins from scratch.

For the users who are a fan of using the mobile app they’re now making the pin it button widely available, which means that things can be pinned wherever you are in the world.

For the many users of Pinterest to be able to take advantage of the new pins they will need to go onto their home feed and click on the Get It Now button at the very top of the page.

Pinterest have explained that this is only the beginning of positive updates for their site and are hoping to make the entire pin section even more useful over the next few months, with this in mind there’s only one direction that this already popular company is going and that’s up.

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