Stop Shouting And Listen!

It might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but when you set up your social media campaign, have a think about how you portray yourself. Continuous shouts about how busy you are or your recent client wins may not actually be the best way forward. Whilst the odd bit of bragging never did anyone any harm – do people really want to see you repeat your achievements over and over again? Think about how your brand is being portrayed. Similarly – continuous shouts about all your amazing products or sales or offers can do the same – you become a machine randomly blurting information. There is no opportunity for a RT or Share or even… a reply. Social media should encourage people to have a conversation with you, it should open up the lines of communication and have personality.
If your goals with your twitter and facebook accounts are to just fill the page with information in the hope that some will stick – you need to re-think what you are doing; ‘Spray and Pray’ to coin an old email marketing phrase just doesn’t work with Social Media. The people who are your fans or potential fans are online savvy, they know how the internet works and chances are, have their own opinions of what should be found on a twitter stream or fan page – so why not ask them? Get them involved! With things like facebook questions you can easily gauge what people expect to see online – do your research and use the results!
With new monitoring and measuring tools like facebook insights, you are able to very quickly see what is working and what isn’t – so make sure you use the information you have. Why not try asking questions or encouraging people to RT. Measure your response, if it doesn’t work, try something else.

Before you go out all guns a blazin’ – sit down, make some plans and then execute them.

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