Sweets, Weddings, Blankety Blank, PongBall and Ball Pool Bouncy Castles AKA Think Visibility

This week I made the 65 mile journey up to Leeds for the infamous conference, Think Visibility. It was my first ‘official’ attendance of the conference and I was really excited to see what was in store. The day started with a brilliant opening speech from Dom, and then we headed off to the first session. I chose to go to ‘Subconscious Marketing: What and How’ with Bas van den Beld. It was one of those seminars where you thought ‘oh yeah!’ alot. Some of it was pretty basic stuff, but with some great images and top tips, it is all things I’ll be implementing across clients.
Some of the notes I made are;

  • Make sure recipients are relaxed and having fun before sending messages… Think about your sends.
  • Brands that get Facebook push fun stuff at peak fb user times not biz stuff.
  • Serendipity… If it ‘feels right’ it must be right.
  • People like rituals and collecting things… #paninistickers #foursquare – use it!
  • People make buying decisions not based on what they want… But on the opinions of those around them.
  • People think they need to be responsible. Anything healthy or for the environment will help persuade people to buy quicker.
  • People pay for a package containing more than they need IF they think it’s a better deal.
  • Social integration is REALLY important. Friends’ photos will make you trust a page more.
  • Change text on site from ‘we have this’ to ‘you like this… We have it’ make it more personable…
  • Using images to trigger positive thoughts from our past helps convert people to buying.
  • Exclusivity makes us feel special. A well presented coffee tastes better than filter coffee in a paper cup.

I skipped the next sessions, choosing to have a good old chin wag with some old friends.

It was then time for lunch and the launch of something brilliant. http://donttweetthebride.com/ I can’t encourage you more to visit this site. It’s hilarious, amazing and well cheap! For less than a DVD you can gain exclusive access to videos of Dom planning his wedding, with his lovely bride to be, totally out of the loop!

It was then also time for a game of SEO blankety blank… I was a contestant and was knocked out straight away (gutted) but it was brilliant, expertly hosted by a golden suited Dom and with some fab accessories! I’m sure there are video’s and pics yet to be released – keep your eyes out for those!

After lunch I headed to see the super funny Andy Off Of 10Yetis – his speech ‘Shit My SEO Says’ proved popular with the crowd of people attending an SEO conference! Andy gave us all some top tips for doing PR well and getting a good response from journalists, editors and the all important sub editor (the one who controls the links) You can grab his presentation here.

After that, it was time to bring out the sweeties! Thanks to https://clicknmix.co.uk/ I experienced many sugar highs and lows for the rest of the day!

Choosing to skip a few more sessions in aid of raiding the sweety jars, it was then almost time for the much awaited last talk of the day. Richard Kershaw gave an honest, really interesting talk about his move from being an affiliate, to setting up a merchant site. Wish.co.uk is the brainchild of Richard and Stephen who together over the past year have suceeded in gaining massive press attention with their zombie days amongst other experiences. The talk was really, really interesting and had plenty of top tips for things to avoid and to try out should anyone want to give it a go.

Word on the street is that they are just about to launch a brand new product – The Warewolf Experience Day – needless to say, I’ll be booking for the BDM Christmas party!

After a closing talk from Dom it was time to head off for a bit and wait for the after party, having heard many ‘interesting’ stories about the after parties, I couldn’t wait… Needless to say it lived up to expectations, including a 90 minute game of ‘PongBall’ which is new to the market and bloody brilliant! There was an ‘incident’ with the bouncy castle, some hilarious entry and exit moments, a game of poker with an unexpected winner, more sweets, beers (for those not driving) and some erm, interesting talks about solar panels from sunshine.co.uk‘s Chris Clarkson.


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