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QR Codes On Wedding TV

Whilst watching ‘Wedding TV’ today I spotted something very interesting. Although perhaps not the most watched TV channel, Wedding TV have embraced QR codes. After each programme shows and on the Ad breaks you’ll spot this appear on screen for a few seconds;
Wedding TV QR Codes
When you scan the QR code using your phone, you are taken here – http://www.weddingtv.com/qrc1 The message there reads;

Well done, you have just taken part in a WeddingTV test, look out for QR codes in other adverts and programmes, these allow you to get involved with the channel instantly and enables you to interact with us quickly and easily, enter great competitions, watching special clips, get great offers or just have your say on the programme your watching!

QR codes seem to be appearing all over the place at the moment, from hidden discounts in emails, to vehicle parts and now television advertising. I think it’s a fantastic way of encorporating new social media tools into traditional advertising and marketing methods.

Watch this space – I think QR codes will start appearing all over the place, very soon! Perhaps instead of the usual cliffhanger at the end of Coronation Street, you’ll be able to scan a QR code to get a sneaky preview of the next episode!