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Zanox complete acquisition of Affiliate Window

zanox-the-networkIn a move that is likely to resonate throughout the industry, Zanox, one of the leading performance marketing networks in Europe, has completed its takeover of the UK based affiliate network Affiliate Window and its parent holding company, Digital Window Ltd.

The acquisition process began back in 2009 when the two majority shareholders in for Zanox, PubliGroupe and Axel Springer, purchased a 50.1% stake in Digital Window Ltd.

The Zanox group , made up of Zanox, Affiliate Window, eprofessional, and M4N now connects with more than 4200 advertises across a broad range of industries. It is considered one of the market leaders in continental Europe and has strong ties in emerging markets such as Brazil, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. Adding the UK’s biggest performance marketing network in Affiliate Window is sure to strengthen their portfolio further.

To allay any fears Affiliate Window stakeholders might have, managing director Mark Walters issued the following statement following the announcement: “The exit of the founders is merely a formality and we can confirm there will be no change to Affiliate Window’s technology, structure and control, with the current Executive team, wider management team and day to day staff all remaining in place. There have been rumours from competitive sources that the completion of this deal will have implications for Affiliate Window and potentially its partners. We are therefore writing to dispel these claims and clarify matters. The eventual exit of the founders was inevitable as it formed part of their original deal to sell the company. They both took a very ‘hands off’ approach leaving it to be steered and developed by the same Exec team that have worked together for the last nine years.”

Thomas Joosten, Zanox CEO, echoed this sentiment and spoke of his hopes and expectations for the network, “Affiliate Window has a proven track record of offering top brands excellent service, growing mid-tier clients and entering the mobile commerce segment. Our intention is to allow that to continue to flourish whilst merging some of the Affiliate Window advanced processes and technology across the entire zanox group.”

Hannah Speaking @ Performance Marketing Insights

The 29th – 30th October 2013 see the return of the London Performance Marketing Insights conference and expo at the Westminster Park Plaza. Along with hundreds of attendees, it’s a chance to meet some of the peers of the industry, attend thought provoking sessions and grab a few beers at the networking events.

This year, I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking there! I’ll be giving a talk on the best free tools to use for hands on affiliate management;

10 Free Tools For Sourcing and Managing Affiliates
Under pressure to grow your affiliates or get them ‘doing more’? Have no budget to spend? Fear not! During this session you’ll learn ten of the top FREE tools of the trade when it comes to affiliate management.

You’ll see real life examples of the hands on tools that affiliate managers use and how you can harness these tools when back at your desk. Expect to hear quick and easy solutions that can help source potential diamonds in the rough and get those affiliate sales growing.

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Cater affiliate programmes to individual countries for greatest success

globe_moneyAccording to a recent study undertaken by affiliate marketing network Rakuten LinkShare and advisory and research firm Forrester, affiliate marketing is poised to fuel cross-border commerce.

Some of the interesting facts arising from the study include:

  • Customers in the US who commence their purchase journey on an affiliate site are likely to spend more that the regular online shopper.
  • Shoppers show the most loyalty to brands that display offers on multiple websites.
  • Affiliate shoppers are the most sensitive demographic to expensive shipping costs.

With regards to the UK, the study showed that online shoppers expect merchants to compete for their business, with nearly a third stating they would return to an abandoned shopping basket if they received a subsequent discounted offer. It also brought to light the high proportion of shoppers who make online purchases form somewhere outside their own country. The UK has the highest percentage, with 75% purchasing cross-border within the last year.

The study helped to highlight the diversity in the preferred shopping practices displayed by different nationalities – apparently Canadian consumers lead the pack in their preference for loyalty programmes, with 37% claiming to make regular use of cashback and loyalty sites compared with an average of 22% in other countries.

Other intricacies shown by individual nationalities include the Japanese being the most frequent users of multi-brand and price comparison shopping sites.

Mark Haviland, managing director of Rakuten LinkShare said,“Shoppers in different markets are incentivised to purchase in different ways. To illustrate, for a UK affiliate manager looking to capitalise on cross-border commerce in the US, it’s not as simple as rolling out an existing affiliate programme and expecting results. Research suggests US shoppers are particularly loyal to brands that make offers on multiple websites, so affiliate programmes should be tailored to cater to this propensity.”

He continued to say the report displayed that e-commerce infrastructure must adapt to this new global market, and the idiosyncrasies therein. Shipping expenses, time, lack of local payment options, taxes, and other logistical issues are holding back the potential growth the global e-commerce model has. Halivand said, “With e-commerce expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by the end of this year, brands and advertisers are looking for advice and insights for how to plan and execute their global online strategies. We believe the study provides the industry with fresh data and key insights that highlight how performance marketing has become a leading strategy for online retailers entering new markets.”.

How To Make Your First Sale As An Affiliate

If you are think of setting yourself up in affiliate marketing, it can be made at lot less stressful than it first seems to be. Once you have broken the ice and made your first sale, the hard work is mostly over.

Reaching the stage of your first sale can involve a lot of hard work and graft. There are many steps to reach that all important first sale, which includes selecting a niche in which to operate in, this can be a huge task in itself, there are also various other steps including SEO, email marketing, promotion, traffic generation and more.

For a thorough checklist of all the legwork you will need to put in before being rewarded with that all-important first sale, take a look at the below infographic created by Mervik Haums.


Affiliate Window Launch MyAW

Affiliate Window has released their MyAW, a new Google Chrome extension for publishers. MyAW is downloadable from the Chrome store and available now.

MyAW adds a button to the Chrome toolbar which can be used when a publisher visits any Affiliate Window advertiser site, whether they are joined to the programme or not.

Publishers can:

• Join programmes
• Quickly generate shortened tracker links
• ‘One-click’ share links on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
• Generate custom URLs
• Generate links to specific product pages

The extension also shows all the latest consumer offers from their system and will highlight the exclusive vouchers available to publishers. For those publishers with multiple accounts, ‘one-click’ account switch functionality has been added for ease of use. The plugin also offers a ‘one click’ deeplink generator.

Remi Chkaibane, Head of Product at Affiliate Window says: “We want to provide publishers with a simple way of promoting products from the brands they love. Our goal is to make Affiliate Marketing easier for publishers. This extension is the first of many steps that will make this possible, as users will be able to find discount codes and build links as they browse without needing to log in.”

Webgains Latest Launch – New Device Reports

With Webgains constantly on top of it’s game surrounding updates, the latest progression on the programme is to introduce device reporting on to the interface.

With the diversification of consumers’ methods of gaining access to the internet, the demand for advertisers and publishers to fully comprehend how this is then translating in to sales has become ever increasing. The concept behind webgains device reporting is to equally provide both parties with intensified levels of visibility over the behaviour of their consumers. So in a nutshell the launch of the device reports is a new type of reports that detail the key device information for all of transactions that go through the programme.

From July people who are on the webgains programme will be able to access data for the device platform via mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Once they’ve accessed the programme via a device they’ll then be able to view information that’s been broken down by the publisher, operating system, vendor as well as model and browsing. As well as being able to view these program-wide reports, they’ll also be able to view individual transaction information.

With the Device Reports now live, here’s a step by step guide to accessing these reports -

  • Log in to your webgains account
  • To the left-hand side under the Reports header there’s now a Device report option with a drop down box
  • Click on the drop down box which allows you to choose from a variety of options depending on what you’d like to see.
  • Once you’ve chosen the specific option that you require you can then go about compiling your report in exactly the same way as you would compile a normal report.
  • You can also access the Device Reports via the more reports area where the full range of options is also available there.

If you’re also wondering how to access device information per transaction, then take a look at our easy step by step guide to accessing this -

  • As with a normal transaction in your transaction list, simply click on the sale or commission value and this will bring up the transaction information page.
  • From here you’ll find a Device tab in the list of transaction attributes.
  • Hover over this with your mouse and this will allow you to view the platform, OS, vendor, model and browser.


How To Start An Affiliate Program – Step By Step Guide

Affiliate marketing may be a complicated and confusing field, especially if you don’t know where to start. Affiliate tracking software company, Dekh, has simplified the whole process for any brands that are looking to expand their marketing strategy. It has created an infographic containing 51 steps that will help any advertiser looking to succeed in this seemingly complicated area of marketing. This useful infographic proves that can be adopted with relative ease if you accomplish a series of key tasks in the correct order.

Paid On Results Nofollow Tool

por-icon-png-1Paid On Results are the first affiliate network to bring out a new tool which allows merchants to nofollow links to their site and affiliates to nofollow links from their site. Nofollow is a piece of code which tells a search engine not to follow a link. This means that the link will not pass any page rank or authority which are metrics used in calculating the ranking of a site.

This new tool has been introduced as a growing number of merchants are convinced by some SEO companies that the reason for their drop in rankings is in part down to affiliate links. With the nofollow tool merchants can decide whether to follow or nofollow all affiliate links going to their site, which for Paid On Results is a lot easier than trying to counter the SEO companies arguments. This simple solution means that merchants on Paid On Results can ignore the advice of SEO companies and focus their attention on building their affiliate programme.

New Award Categories Announced for 2013 Performance Marketing Award

On 7th May 2013, the most respected and highly sought-after folk in the performance marketing world will descend on Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane,London to dazzle, dine and, fingers crossed, win one of the most prestigious awards in the marketing industry; The Performance Marketing Awards is back and set to be bigger and even better than last year and before!

After the ultimate success of the awards and the record breaking turn out of 2012, the submission entries for the 2013 awards are now open. You can enter your favourite, most respected, well-loved, best looking company for whatever reason you think they deserve to win. There is a slight change however, as the board have altered, amended and added some award categories.

The 2013 Performance Marketing Awards will see the addition of five new categories:

-         Best Brand Engagement Campaign

-         Best Agency0led Performance Marketing Campaign

-         Most incremental Performance Marketing Campaign

-         Grand Prix Award

-         Best Account Manager at an agency or Network

The changes are to recognise and include the importance and vast presence of agencies and the work they also produce. Simply submit your entries and then await them to be scrutinised under a close and watchful eye of the large judging panel. These include some of the most respected and innovative partners in the world of performance marketing.

If of course, you would like to nominate Bright Digital Minds, then we would be honoured (hint hint) and would definitely give a shout out to those of you who entered us. You can submit your entries NOW and may we take the opportunity to wish everyone good luck and all the best in your chosen category submissions.

For more information about the 2013 Performance Marketing Awards, and for a full list of the categories available for submissions please visit the 2013 Performance Marketing Awards website

Performance Marketing… Still Grubby?

Performance marketing is forever changing, ever-adapting and widely becoming recognised as a thing of ‘the norm.’ Up until recently performance marketing has been seen as quite taboo and for want of a better word, grubby. There has been a past view that monitoring the performance of companies and businesses, including customer visits, product selection and consumer habits, is seen as a little ‘backhanded.’ The famous words of ‘Big Brother is watching you’ gripped the nation and as such, monitoring what we do when visiting a website was seen as a little uncouth. As the marketing industry continues to develop at a velocity of ‘change,’ the way in which we research, view and capture our audiences has also adapted.

Performance marketing now is seen as something that most companies can’t do without, and is seen as more of a necessity than a sin. Some of the leading industry experts and the big boys in business have embraced this change and need for customer consumer information, as a result of this have invested large quantities of money into research for the best platforms and training tools to use. Ploughing money into something that until recently has been seen as outlawish may seem like a waste or indeed a risky move, but with more and more businesses and companies admitting that we can in fact learn from our customers by buying into this research, there really does seem to be a shift in judgement.

A4uexpoLondon recent held its 2012 conference, focusing on this very topic. The dynamic role that performance marketing holds in today’s society derives from the thirst and need that brand loyalty and customer satisfaction scores mean nothing unless you know what your customer wants and why. Speakers from Tesco, Sky and Moneysupermarket all spoke about the importance of data-capturing and putting time and effort into researching what it is your customers want, need and look for when choosing your business brand.

All in all, the days of performance marketing being bad-mouthed are now long gone, and it’s now a case of who doesn’t do or have it. The more we can learn about our customers shopping patterns and what draws them to a certain brand is something that we have all been for donkeys years, but now it seems it is, at last, an acceptable thing to behold and capture.