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FREE Local Training Initiative Round-Up

Last night saw the launch of our FREE local training initiative, bringing together local businesses for impartial tips and advice to help drive their digital presence forward. Last night we had a great mix of local businesses pop along for an informal session covering the basics of online by leading industry peer, Pete Dickenson.

You can download the slides here Training Slides and I have included some of the links to the websites we showed below;

Bright Digital Minds Digital Cheat Sheets

Targeted Media – Shane’s PPC agency

FrostBox – Maggie’s free social media backup solution

ImpactTag – Pete’s analytics software

Social Media Revolution YouTube Video



Theme Forest



News Now

Some great examples of youtube videos that can be made at home…


A Great blog example with a mix of posts and information


Hannah Speaking @ Performance Marketing Insights

The 29th – 30th October 2013 see the return of the London Performance Marketing Insights conference and expo at the Westminster Park Plaza. Along with hundreds of attendees, it’s a chance to meet some of the peers of the industry, attend thought provoking sessions and grab a few beers at the networking events.

This year, I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking there! I’ll be giving a talk on the best free tools to use for hands on affiliate management;

10 Free Tools For Sourcing and Managing Affiliates
Under pressure to grow your affiliates or get them ‘doing more’? Have no budget to spend? Fear not! During this session you’ll learn ten of the top FREE tools of the trade when it comes to affiliate management.

You’ll see real life examples of the hands on tools that affiliate managers use and how you can harness these tools when back at your desk. Expect to hear quick and easy solutions that can help source potential diamonds in the rough and get those affiliate sales growing.

SAVE 10%
Use the code SPKLON13%10 to save 10% on your pass!

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Looking at running a Twitter Competition – Make the most of your company promotions

downloadWith social media now becoming a huge marketing tool for any business, running a competition is a great way for a brand to increase it’s followers as well as raising awareness of their campaigns. That’s why Twitter has become an increasingly popular social media tool to use for running competitions, and there are plenty of businesses out there that are taking advantage of this, but are they making the most of promotions and playing by the rules?

When it comes to running a competition via Twitter it’s pretty straightforward, however there are some guidelines implemented, unlike Facebook though businesses aren’t required to set-up any third party applications to be within terms.

Many brands may not be aware that Twitter competitions come under the CAP Code of advertising and sales promotion, and that in this case there are strict compliance issues that need to be adhered to.

To make sure that your twitter competition is compliant as well as being effective, the following three points will give you a base point to begin:

• Does it work for your brand?
• Does it work within industry competition guidelines?
• Does it work within Twitter’s platform guidelines?

Will it work for the brand?

Anyone who is experienced in the running of a “Follow and Re-Tweet” promotion will no doubt be aware of the people known as “Serial Compers”; these are people who enter competitions on a semi-professional basis.

They aren’t necessarily genuine fans of your brand, they’re actually fans of winning free products, and so what’s the best way to dispose of these serial compers?

An idea for businesses would be to look at value over volume, so why not make your fans actually do something worthwhile rather then just posting out a retweet. You could look at getting them to make suggestions about your brand by asking a question or even ask them to head to your site to find an answer to a question that you’ve posted on Twitter.

By participating in these simple processes it will encourage your true fans to invest their time in to learning a bit more about your brand, it will also ensure that your competition is more effective by driving awareness of your brand and the campaign that you’re running.

Is the promotion that you’re running legal?
In the world of Twitter there are two legal promotions that brands are able to run, these are as follows –

• An actual competition – This is where the winning of the prize on offer requires the winner to have some input, so that this can then be judged.
• A sweepstake with a random prize draw – The winner is selected completely by chance.

For both of these you need to make sure that your promotion is compliant. As per the CAP code you need to make the following information clear before any participants enter –

• The prize on offer.
• The start and closing date.
• The entry mechanic.

In providing this information you’ve ensured that anybody who enters or shares the competition with others is making others aware of the terms to the competition. CAP code also states that all prize draws must be adjudicated independently by a third party who doesn’t work for the company.

All of this will come at a cost, but by meeting these guidelines it means that the running of your promotion will be all above board in the eyes of the CAP code.

Will the Twitter platform like it?

With a lot of Marketers feeling the pressure to keep their Twitter numbers up, most brands have resorted to “Follow and Re-Tweet” competitions that will see a boost in their followers, but again this will interest “Serial Compers”.

In the eyes of Twitter they want their platform to be full of interesting content, which means that they don’t want their users spamming their followers with multiple tweets, or the setting up of multiple accounts so that more promotions can be entered.

In turn if any competitions that are run by a brand were to encourage this sort of behaviour Twitter would in turn shut the platform down.

If you’re unaware of the overall guidelines of Twitter then the following information will come to good use – https://support.twitter.com/articles/68877-guidelines-for-contests-on-twitter

By following the main three points when it comes to running a promotion this will help to raise brand awareness even more in a positive way and you should see some great results.

Happy 2nd Birthday Bright Digital Minds

Happy 2nd Birthday Bright Digital MindsIt seems like only yesterday I was writing to say we had passed the year milestone, and only a few days since I was announcing our launch, but today, we hit another milestone – we are 2! Over the last 2 years the company has grown at a phenomenal rate, and we now have a strong team of account managers, content writers, SEO specialists and business development consultants. We have seen a new site with new branding, the launch of our own affiliate hub and all our handy digital marketing cheat sheets.
We have also moved into our scenic office location, Bakewell in the heart of Derbyshire, so we have supplied many people with traditional Bakewell Puddings over the last two years.
Fitting with our company beliefs we have invested in the local community with our apprenticeship schemes and nuturing the future of digital marketing talent.

In Two Years We Have;
- Generated over £6 million for our clients
- We have seen a 125% growth in sales over many of our clients
- Reached out to over 9000 potential new affiliates (not on the networks)
- Made effective ROI improvements on all clients
- and I was honoured to be placed in the 30 under 30 women in digital marketing

It’s been a fantastic 2 years, filled with hard work, new challenges and lot’s of fun! Here is to the next year, and many more after that.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported the growth of Bright Digital Minds over the last 2 years, you all rock!

Facebook’s Timeline and How It Can Help Your Business

At the beginning of the month Facebook introduced Timeline for Pages, a new layout that will enable you to highlight specific stories or items of interest, interact with your followers to a greater degree and offer the ability for users to send you private messages. Most users are already familiar with Timeline through their personal accounts but there are some differences incorporated in to Timeline for Pages that can help your business.

Using a two-column approach that allows you to highlight important stories at the top of the page for up to seven days, Timeline signals to your followers that you want them to take note of it. Your general news feed is spread across the page with the timeline running down the centre. You can now determine what information is readily available to your audience, playing up those items you deem important and hiding anything you no longer want to appear to the public. You can even go back and fill in any gaps to ensure your users are getting a cohesive and complete view of your brand or business

We recently blogged about Insights for Pages, with Timeline those Insights will be visible in an admin panel at the top of the page, unseen by the public. Covering everything from your notifications to private messages, new likes and tips, the admin panel also provides access to the entire activity log for your Page.

The About section for your business is now front and centre, right underneath the new cover photo. Revise this section now, let your readers find out more about your company or where to find you elsewhere on the web. Utilise the cover photo to post something interesting and brand related. Facebook has strict rules on what can and can’t be included in a cover photo and, with it being the first thing your users will see, it should be carefully considered.

You can add information to the boxes to the right of your About section, previously these would have been links on the left hand side of your Page. Four boxes will always be visible, with photos being the first, but you can order the remaining three however you please. Take the opportunity to include up to twelve pieces of information or apps that are significant for your business.

Use the composer to create Milestones for key events in your company’s history such as a product launch or the opening of a new store; celebrate, emphasis and make it easy for your audience to learn about the important happenings. Milestone posts, like any posts in your feed that you star as important, will take up the full width of the page and require a photograph.

Your users will see information about friends who have interacted with your Page, offering incentive for them to get involved. By highlighting your followers and their activities Timeline for Pages is increasing your ability to interact with your fans, your comments in reply to their posts will appear here and on their feed.

Admin access levels are apparently in the pipeline, allowing you to grant differing permissions for any employees who may need to administrate your Page. This can greatly help your customer service department with the advent of private messages for Pages, allowing them access means they can do their job without requiring an intermediary.

Timeline will be rolled out for all Pages by the end of this month (March 30th). For those wanting more information on how to use Timeline for Pages there’s a handy interactive learning video linked from the help menu at the top of your Page.

Resources to help your transition:
Facebook Pages Terms – https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php
Introducing New Facebook Pages – https://www.facebook.com/help/pages/new-design / https://www.facebook.com/about/pages
Image sizes guide - http://www.supercod.com/internet/facebook-timeline-photo-size/

Here’s what Timeline will look like for pages! They are all changing on the 30th March – so get prepared!

The Importance Of Subject Lines In Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach customers that are interested in your product. If you are planning on sending emails, or already send them then you know the importance of the subject line. Having subject lines that not only catch the attention of your customers, but also get them excited is the best way to make that sale. If you aren’t sure about the best way to write your email subject lines, here are a few tips that you should follow.

Use A Newspaper
Learn how to write your email subject lines like a newspaper headline. Newspaper headlines are short and crisp. They give you all the information that you need in just a few words. These headlines are attention grabbing allow the reader to know what they should expect after they open the email. Use you local newspaper to get a feel for how your subject lines should look.

Use The From Line To Your Advantage
The “from” line in your email should be from a private host. For instance, if you are emailing your customers from Dave@aol.com they will not take it as seriously as Dave@emailmarketing.com. Make sure that you have your own webhosting email service when you are sending out your emails.

Personalising your email subject lines for the product that you are promoting is essential. Some email marketers will send out a message with a subject line like “New Product Available.” This could mean anything and it doesn’t draw excitement. An email subject line like “Marketing Solution 2.0 Now Available For You John” draws excitement and can be used as a call to action.

Spam Filters
If your email is seen as too spammy to the inbox, it will get flagged. One of the best ways to see if your email can get flagged is to run it through a content checker. These are designed to tell you what words in your email could get it filtered. Subject lines with all capital letters or using an exclamation point can get your email marked.

Using “Free”
The word “Free” will not necessarily get your email filtered out, but you shouldn’t make “free” the first word of your email. This may get your email marked as spam. If you are offering a free product or bonus, use “no cost” or something similar to get your email to go through without being marked as spam.

Don’t Lead Them On
Email marketing is a lot like dating. You don’t want to lead the person on when they are putting trust in you. When a customer reads about your product and you are going on and on about how great it is, they expect a great product. If you are giving them a product that doesn’t have the features you claim, they will never trust you again. You want to be honest with all of your email marketing and not lead your customers down a path they will never return to.

Fiverr – The Big Review

When I first decided to launch Bright Digital Minds, I realised that I couldn’t exactly go out there as a social media manager without having some social media going on myself. So in a vain attempt to make BDM look popular during the launch process, and as part of a test of this new phenomenon I had heard so much about, I decided to put my hand in my pocket for a whole £10 (just less than) and see what happened with Fiverr

For those of you new to the Fiverr concept, you basically pay $5 for pretty much anything you want. People will offer their random services for a hugh $5… (£3.17)

So what did I order?
A brand new twitter background – see below screen shot. Needless to say I don’t like it :( I gave clear direction on what I wanted, logo’s and also my site to give the general feel – It’s a lazy effort – and has now actually cost me in time as I now have to build something myself :) Just noticed the cheeky swine is using my twitter as an example of his work!!!
I should also mention here that the first order I placed actually never went ahead – the dude never replied to anything. In Fiverr’s defence – they have a nifty system in place which automates messages to tell you when your order should be ready by. If nothing happens, they’ll remind you it’s late – then give you the option to cancel it. Nifty!

200 Facebook Fans – once again, less than impressed – it served a purpose and got me the all important vanity URL – but these fans are not relevant to me or the company or the business objectives. But for £3.17 – I’ll take that hit.

500 Twitter Followers – possibly the worst of the lot… I am so miffed, no, angry about this one. Naively when I accepted the gig, I handed over my logins, not realising in the whirlwind of launching what this spammy arse would get up too. As you can see from the screen shot below – his promise of ‘will add 500 Real and Active followers in your twitter account for $5′ isn’t strictly correct now is it!!! Not only did I not get my 500 followers, the ones I did get were as a result of him following anyone and everyone he knew would just follow back. He ended up following way over 1000 people that have now spammed my feed… :( I could have done that myself, and at least followed relevant people with the hope that my feed would at least hold insightful information! Now I have the lovely job of unfollowing all these people, and following some people I actually respect! Bah humbug!

Lesson learned! At £3.17 you really do get what you pay for. I think I’ll stick to ordering crochet lions ;)

click the image to see a bigger version

Welcome To Bright Digital Minds

Finally after what seems like weeks and weeks and months of plotting, writing and building, Bright Digital Minds is finally live!

Hopefully the site gives a good insight into the many services BDM offer along with some interesting articles on digital marketing. We’ll be updating the site regularly so make sure you keep coming back.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook too;

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported BDM these last few weeks, from the creative aspects to the content tweaking and the feedback!
Here’s to a bright future!