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Facebook’s Timeline and How It Can Help Your Business

At the beginning of the month Facebook introduced Timeline for Pages, a new layout that will enable you to highlight specific stories or items of interest, interact with your followers to a greater degree and offer the ability for users to send you private messages. Most users are already familiar with Timeline through their personal accounts but there are some differences incorporated in to Timeline for Pages that can help your business.

Using a two-column approach that allows you to highlight important stories at the top of the page for up to seven days, Timeline signals to your followers that you want them to take note of it. Your general news feed is spread across the page with the timeline running down the centre. You can now determine what information is readily available to your audience, playing up those items you deem important and hiding anything you no longer want to appear to the public. You can even go back and fill in any gaps to ensure your users are getting a cohesive and complete view of your brand or business

We recently blogged about Insights for Pages, with Timeline those Insights will be visible in an admin panel at the top of the page, unseen by the public. Covering everything from your notifications to private messages, new likes and tips, the admin panel also provides access to the entire activity log for your Page.

The About section for your business is now front and centre, right underneath the new cover photo. Revise this section now, let your readers find out more about your company or where to find you elsewhere on the web. Utilise the cover photo to post something interesting and brand related. Facebook has strict rules on what can and can’t be included in a cover photo and, with it being the first thing your users will see, it should be carefully considered.

You can add information to the boxes to the right of your About section, previously these would have been links on the left hand side of your Page. Four boxes will always be visible, with photos being the first, but you can order the remaining three however you please. Take the opportunity to include up to twelve pieces of information or apps that are significant for your business.

Use the composer to create Milestones for key events in your company’s history such as a product launch or the opening of a new store; celebrate, emphasis and make it easy for your audience to learn about the important happenings. Milestone posts, like any posts in your feed that you star as important, will take up the full width of the page and require a photograph.

Your users will see information about friends who have interacted with your Page, offering incentive for them to get involved. By highlighting your followers and their activities Timeline for Pages is increasing your ability to interact with your fans, your comments in reply to their posts will appear here and on their feed.

Admin access levels are apparently in the pipeline, allowing you to grant differing permissions for any employees who may need to administrate your Page. This can greatly help your customer service department with the advent of private messages for Pages, allowing them access means they can do their job without requiring an intermediary.

Timeline will be rolled out for all Pages by the end of this month (March 30th). For those wanting more information on how to use Timeline for Pages there’s a handy interactive learning video linked from the help menu at the top of your Page.

Resources to help your transition:
Facebook Pages Terms – https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php
Introducing New Facebook Pages – https://www.facebook.com/help/pages/new-design / https://www.facebook.com/about/pages
Image sizes guide - http://www.supercod.com/internet/facebook-timeline-photo-size/

Here’s what Timeline will look like for pages! They are all changing on the 30th March – so get prepared!

The Facebook Revolution Is Coming!

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is changing – and this time… in a big way! Forget the news ticker, the friend lists, top stories and subscribe… Timeline is here!
There are loads of great changes that have really made facebook a much more fun place to be, I have listed the main ones I like below – but the best way to find your favourites is to try and get Timeline early, or a small wait!
facebook f8

click the image for a bigger picture

Not fully ready to be rolled out for another week or so, the new facebook profile is full of fantastic new features. Facebook describes it as “All your stories, all your Apps, a new way to express who you are.”
Large Cover Picture
Choose something that shows who you are as your big banner picture, I chose some lovely chocolate brownies!
Go back through time quickly for a trip down memory lane. Find out what you did on certain dates without hours of scrolling. My first wall posting was August 19th 2006. I know what I was doing in June of 2008 and I can add in important dates from the past!
Hide/Feature a Story
If there is something I don’t want the parents to see, I hide it. Something I want the world to know, I feature it! It’s a great way of making sure your post is seen by all rather than being lost in a mass of cafeworld updates!
Along with the new profile design and improved functionality comes the integration of a number of well known apps such as spotify. Now everyone can see what I am listening too – and I can can hints and tips from others on what’s cool these days!

To find out more about the new facebook – check out the official log post here.

So why the changes?
Well let’s face it, sometimes you just have to take a leap and change. I’d guess that in part some of the changes are down to the new Google+ trying to take over social media – but – huge developments like this don’t just happen! Facebook have probably been working on these changes for a number of months if not years! Launching now, they are keeping everyone interested in their product. When it finally launches to the rest of the World – the media coverage will be massive, and the best bit…

I don’t think this will be the last of the changes.

If facebook are responding to the latest in their long line of threats from rival companies, chances are they got the basis finished and ready as soon as possible. Putting future developments back on the ‘to do’ list. Watch this space!

I look forward to seeing the opinion of the masses once the changes are fully rolled out!