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Getting The Most From Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace offering tasks and jobs referred to as “Gigs.” Fiverr lists more than 1.3 million services on site that range from lessons on how to start your own business to lessons on how to rap a 16 line song about anything you want.

Fiverr can help an array of different businesses. Whether your a sole trader and want tips regarding your start up, or whether your the managing director of a global organisation, Fiverr can provide you with the information that you are looking for. As well as giving you the opportunity to make money by helping others out.

Fiverr also have a system in place where they reward users for their selling reputation and number of sales. Fiverr allows users to unlock tools and add on services in order to add value to their products. This creates motivation for members of staff to sell more products on the Fiverr site.

BDM have opportunities when it comes to working with the Fiverr product. As an organisation we can create our own videos about the agency and people working in the affiliate marketing industry. We can then promote our business by providing an instructional service. This will give us a credible reputation among the affiliate marketing community. It also offers Bright Digital Minds an alternative source of income no matter how small.

Fiverr can also help out anybody who is new to the affiliate marketing community. A new member of staff might be instructed to watch a Fiverr video in order to get an insight into the trade and the way it works.

Fiverr can also help businesses with their marketing. A lot of people have a lot of connections on Twitter and Facebook and can help businesses to get noticed. This can help the smaller businesses get noticed. The followers and likes you have on a social networking site, the more interest is created.

Overall it is clear to see that Fiverr does have a lot of benefits and can be beneficial to businesses and their employees.


Fiverr – The Big Review

When I first decided to launch Bright Digital Minds, I realised that I couldn’t exactly go out there as a social media manager without having some social media going on myself. So in a vain attempt to make BDM look popular during the launch process, and as part of a test of this new phenomenon I had heard so much about, I decided to put my hand in my pocket for a whole £10 (just less than) and see what happened with Fiverr

For those of you new to the Fiverr concept, you basically pay $5 for pretty much anything you want. People will offer their random services for a hugh $5… (£3.17)

So what did I order?
A brand new twitter background – see below screen shot. Needless to say I don’t like it :( I gave clear direction on what I wanted, logo’s and also my site to give the general feel – It’s a lazy effort – and has now actually cost me in time as I now have to build something myself :) Just noticed the cheeky swine is using my twitter as an example of his work!!!
I should also mention here that the first order I placed actually never went ahead – the dude never replied to anything. In Fiverr’s defence – they have a nifty system in place which automates messages to tell you when your order should be ready by. If nothing happens, they’ll remind you it’s late – then give you the option to cancel it. Nifty!

200 Facebook Fans – once again, less than impressed – it served a purpose and got me the all important vanity URL – but these fans are not relevant to me or the company or the business objectives. But for £3.17 – I’ll take that hit.

500 Twitter Followers – possibly the worst of the lot… I am so miffed, no, angry about this one. Naively when I accepted the gig, I handed over my logins, not realising in the whirlwind of launching what this spammy arse would get up too. As you can see from the screen shot below – his promise of ‘will add 500 Real and Active followers in your twitter account for $5′ isn’t strictly correct now is it!!! Not only did I not get my 500 followers, the ones I did get were as a result of him following anyone and everyone he knew would just follow back. He ended up following way over 1000 people that have now spammed my feed… :( I could have done that myself, and at least followed relevant people with the hope that my feed would at least hold insightful information! Now I have the lovely job of unfollowing all these people, and following some people I actually respect! Bah humbug!

Lesson learned! At £3.17 you really do get what you pay for. I think I’ll stick to ordering crochet lions ;)

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