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Post To Google+ With Buffer

review-buffer-app2Buffer, the social media app that schedules your posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has today announced you can now use their app with the most requested social network that they were missing, Google+.

Google+ has been holding the number one spot as most requested feature from their users for almost 2 years and you could go as far as saying that it is the missing piece of the puzzle. Buffer said “We couldn’t be any more excited to finally unveil it to everyone”.

To help you make the most of sharing quality content on your site, Buffer have written a guide with a great selection of tips and pictures which can be found here.

How to get more out of your Google+ Page

Google + enables a variety of different businesses to stay connected with each other internally and externally. In this blog I will be talking about the benefits of Google + and how it can benefit an organisation.

Google Drive

One of the big benefits of Google plus is the Google Drive tool. Google Drive is an extremely helpful online document program allowing businesses to share documents both internally and externally. I have personally had first hand experience with this working with Bright Digital Minds. At Bright Digital Minds our wide range of clients have access to documents that have been created to help them to have a better understanding of the affiliate system and affiliate relations. Google Drive also helps the Bright Digital Minds team internally. Members of the Bright Digital Minds team are able to access files form the comfort of their own computer. This saves members of staff manually sending information via email. This has helped us a great deal as we can now keep an accurate log of our clients affiliates and their performance.

Sharing Content

Google Drive isn’t the only way to get more out of your Google plus. Google Plus enables businesses to stay connected with the world with Google +. Businesses can update their statuses and provide the public with information about potential ventures and client news. This will create attention towards the organisation and create more interest. However, an organisation has to update their Google + page regularly in order to maintain interest. On the internet things get old really quickly and if an organisation fails to update their Google + page regularly then it can cause interest to be lost.

Video Opportunities

As many know, video plays a big part online. Google owns the biggest video sharing network in the world in Youtube, and businesses should look to capitalise on this opportunity. Businesses can post videos about their operations online which in return will hopefully create interest in their brand. Organisations can also post potential adverts online to gain a consumers opinion and help the business gain an idea of what their target audience wants. Video can be massively beneficial for organisations. Many organisations have thousands of online Youtube views from posting videos online. Organisations can also pay Youtube to get their advertisements on site. This will develop interest and draw people towards the brand.

Google Analytics

Google Anlytics can also be extremely beneficial to organisations. Google Analytics enables businesses to measure sales and conversions and gives the business an insight into how the consumer entered your site and how the consumer uses the site. This is especially effective when a business is reviewing their site. Google Analytics can also tell a business what areas of a businesses website is performing well and what areas of the site is rarely used. Google Analytics can also measure the success of businesses social media programs. This will especially help businesses and give them a better insight of their target market. Google Analytics can also measure an organisations online advertising campaign using link analysis. Businesses will be able to see how many people have clicked on their advertisement via Google Anaytics which will ultimately help businesses during their advert evaluation. Businesses will be able to to use Google Analytics as evidence after an advert has matured.

Overall, Google + can be an effective tool for most businesses. Businesses can do anything from generating interest to analysing business activity. Google + shows the capability and effectiveness of the internet in today business world. The internet is now accessible worldwide, and can be extremely profitable for a business with the correct structure and marketing. Google + can help businesses by offering tools in order to aid businesses carrying out tasks manually. Businesses are able to act a lot more swiftly in terms of advertising periods with many organisations changing their advertising more frequently than before. Overall, Google+ is an excellent tool for every business.


Google+ Hits The Mainstream With A TV Ad And A Redesign

Google unveiled a new bright, clean interface for its social network site, Google+, earlier this month, bringing it more in line with other Google platforms and products. With plenty of white space, crisp graphics and a simplified look, it’s a much more user friendly experience. Taking cues from rival social network platforms, Facebook and Twitter, there are now trending topics, large photograph displays and a cover picture for your profile encompassing almost the entire width of the page. But where Google+ really comes in to its own is the other applications under the Google umbrella that can be incorporated in to their social network experience. With so many other applications and platforms available to supplement and enhance their social media endeavours, users are given far more resources to play with, all seamlessly integrated.

In fact, with so many updated features and the reveal of the new layout, Google have invested in television advertisements to raise the general public’s awareness of the usefulness and availability of options available on Google+ in comparison to other social media networks. In an effort to explain the relevance of Google+’s many unique features, such as free video conferencing via the hangout section, Google released a sentimental advert chronicling the life of one man through Google+ in what is an effective demonstration of the platform’s current capabilities.

With the rising popularity of social networking, Google+ is reputed to be around 750 million users behind Facebook, and some areas feel that Google+ has already failed in its attempt to create a successful platform for social media. With social network being a relatively young medium, combined with Google+’s drive forward with innovative options within their platform, this new push using television advertising can also simply be seen as an attempt to explain the platform to non-users or people used to the old functions and layout.

With multiple new updates released since June last year, Google are keen to rekindle the interest of original users they’ve lost prior to those updates being initiated, feeling that the failure to supply what the users was looking for at the time has now been addressed. And with the incorporation of elements of other social networks, Google have streamlined their own design to produce a well-rounded platform that should more than meet the needs of its users and make it attractive to new users.

Where Google+ excels is in the use of its integrated photo editing application available for free whenever users upload a picture. Now, you can edit, crop and tweak your photos before you post your pictures to Google+ through the integration of Picasa, Google’s web based photo editing programme. You can also create or join free video conferencing, called hangouts, which allow you to talk with any Google+ user, share content and, should you feel the need, dress like a pirate using the Google Effects app.

You can also set the level of information included in your news feed from each of your circles, allowing you to adjust the level of interaction you want on your feed’s front page. With a customisable navigation bar along the left of the page, you are able to choose your favourite Google service and at it to the ‘Ribbon’ to tailor your Google+ experience to your needs.

All in all, Google’s focus on real-time interactions through Google+ make this a unique social networking site that offers users opportunities for face-to-face communication with, not only people in their own circles, but the wider world through Hangouts On-Air run by companies or celebrities or public hangouts created by everyday other users. Now you can connect, in real time and via video, to almost any user whether they’re in your circle of friends or not. The world truly is a smaller place than it was yesterday.

Google+ And The SERPS

As has been suspected for some time, the new addition of Google+ is indeed beginning to make it’s presence known within the SERP’s. SEO stars around the world are in a frenzy about how they can get ahead of the game and use Google+ for their advantage.

The main point of interest for the search results is the +1 feature which adds a kind of approval from users/customers for links and products or the whole site. This +1 is also said to feed into the main Google Algorithm and could possibly have positive effects on your rankings.

Not only that but with the various opportunities Google+ Pages offer including circles to share content and contact details, the potential implications of Google+ on your SERPS are phenominal.

I think this recent search says alot…

To find out more about how your business can use Google+ get in touch today and see how Bright Digital Minds can help you.

Where Should You Post Your Status?

I have to thank the wonderful Red for sending me this – as it really amused me, and says alot. I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves where you should be posting!

Google+ For Business

As Google is one of the largest and some may say most important companies in the world, it only makes sense that it would want to make a move into social networking and the business networking world. As a result, it has created new pages to help businesses boost their revenue and gain greater visibility across Google’s many channels.

In the past, Google+ has restricted businesses from creating pages, however they now welcome businesses to the world of social media giving them the opportunity to share vital information with other G+ users and use features such as circles and hangouts to maintain a connection with their customer base’s. With over 40 million people already using G+, it’s important for small businesses and corporations to have a place where they can interact and advertise services without really “advertising” at all. Now companies can build relationships with people, as well as benefit from putting G+ pages into search results. Businesses can also link their Google plus page with the ad words campaign, making visibility extremely easy for businesses.

Here are some interesting facts and figures about G+ and its popularity with the social media world –
*The dominant age bracket is 25 to 34
*G+ is made up of mostly males, with around 72% currently using the social networking service.
*The 10 most common occupations for Google+ users include engineers, developers, software developers, and designers.
*Girls currently make up only 28% of the social networking site.
*G+ cost over $500 million to build completely

If a business is wanting to increase sales, using G+ to do so may be very wise in building customer retention and ROI. Since it is still fairly new to the social media world (it was open to the public in June 2011), people have an easier time navigating the site and following your posts rather then if they used Facebook to do the same thing. If you have a website, you can also add the ‘+1′ button so that people can like your post and interact with it. In the Internet marketing world, visibility is very important for small businesses who want to establish an online presence. No matter what your business is involved in, using G+ to interact with your customers and fans is a great idea in giving people a chance to communicate with each other and getting others to voice concerns on how they think your company could run better. It might take years before Google plus is as popular as Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t regard G+ as competition; as a $1 billion company, it has still been able to gain lots of followers based on it’s ad revenue model and search query domination.