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Twitter Beats Facebook at Generating Sales

A recent report by Optify has revealed that Facebook is no longer on top when it comes to sales. In fact, its rival, Twitter has come up trumps with higher conversion rates of late. Whilst this news may have companies running for the little blue bird accounts, we need to remember to put this in perspective. Social still only accounts for a very small proportion of sales, on average generating just 1.9% whilst 41% comes from organically sourced searches.

Optify do report that whilst companies which manage their social media campaigns actively and effectively have high conversion rates, this is actually only a very few number of businesses. So what did they find? The report shows that Facebook drives the most traffic to sites above Twitter and LinkedIn, but Twitter in fact generates more sales and leads. Twitter actually has a quite high conversion rate of 2.17% (high for social media that is) whilst Facebook sits at just 0.74% and LinkedIn marginally higher at 0.8%.

Whilst social media is undoubtedly a useful and insightful tool that will continue to grow, organic searches still greatly outnumber any social media. 41% of traffic is generated for B2B sites, with Google equating to 9-% of this leads. However, Google have shot themselves in the foot a little for the latest data search encryption and algorithms. Conversions rates aren’t followed through and data seems to be ‘not provided’ in certain areas.

Another way to clinch back those ‘not provided’ data segments is via email. Email still holds very high interaction and engagement rates. As this is a fairly cheap and easily run tool, more businesses are turning back to email, especially B2B companies, as this is where they can generate leads and hold the higher conversion and engagement rates. The average in the report says that 3.75 pages are viewed from an email, with a 2.9% conversion rate – the highest comparative.

So should we all begin to invest more time, energy and money into social media? Or should we head back to basics and continue to churn out emails? We suggest doing whatever works well for you and concentrate on your own conversion rates to ensure you’re getting the best out of every channel you use.

Where Should You Post Your Status?

I have to thank the wonderful Red for sending me this – as it really amused me, and says alot. I’ll leave you to decide for yourselves where you should be posting!