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Message In A Bottle – Primitive Social Media

Coming across this story this past week really brought a smile to my face. So many people think blogging is the first form of social media, and until this week, so did I. Apparently we were all wrong.
message in a bottleHarold Hackett has been sending letters in bottles out since May of 1996, from his home in Canada. He’s sent out almost 5000 bottles with an impressive 3,100 responses from all around the world. Sometimes, the bottles take over 13 years to arrive and for a letter to come back to Harold, but he now receives Christmas Cards and all sorts from his new ‘followers’ or ‘fans’.
Talk about social networking at it’s finest. A fabulous way of getting your message out there in a unique way – move over Rick Rolling – this is a new era in social media. Although granted – not the best for the environment or the fishies!

Take a look at the great video put together by the BBC. I think we can all learn an awful lot about new ways of being creative with our marketing efforts, and how to engage potential clients or customers from Harold. What a super star!