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Dean Boam

My name is Dean Boam (editors note – Dean is on the right of the picture!) and I am excited to be joining Bright Digital Minds! I am 19 years old, and I originate from Monyash Derbyshire which is a remote village near Bakewell. I come from a dairy farming background which has resulted in my new nickname “Farmer Boy.” I am extremely passionate about in perusing a career in marketing and building my skills within the company. My main hobby is football. I am an enormous Derby County fan and would go to every game if I could. My highlight with Derby County was going to Wembley in 2007 where we got promoted. Its a shame we got relegated with the lowest points in the history of the Premier League the year after. I also enjoy socialising outside of work on my days off with my iconic mixing bowl dance move. Overall, I believe I am an outgoing individual who gets on with everyone………….. who is a Derby County fan.

Getting to know Dean;
When you go on holiday, when do you pack you case?
I pack my case at least 5 days before i go on holiday. I like to be prepared before i leave the house.

If you were a character from Star Wars which would you be?
I would be Obi one Kanobi. Because i would dominate the opposition.

If i were a salad what type of dressing would I have?
I would have a normal dressing because i usually eat salad without it.

Why on Earth are you here today?
I am here today because i want to persue a career in marketing and i believe that this organiastion can help me develop as a professional.

If you had 5623 participants how many games would it take to determin the winner?
It would take 1 game.

If you were a bicycle what part would you be?
I would be the pedals because I start the whole bike.

How did you get to work today?

What would you choose as your last meal?
McDonalds big tasty meal!

If you were a bar of chocolate what would you be and why?
Starbar because it contains nuts.

Which football team do you support and why?
I support Derby County because i have supported them sinse a child and my Dad has alway supported them.

Contact Dean
01629 815888
Skype – DeanBDM