Fran Nash

Frances Nash

Hello to you all, I’m Fran & I’ve arrived at Bright Digital Minds as a new Account Manager. My work background is pretty varied ranging from Accounts, Administration & Customer Service but I think that all of this has given me great experience for my new position within the company.

A lifelong dream of mine has always been to live in New York which is quite a drastic change from the Derbyshire Countryside that I’ve been brought up in. I’ve been there twice & it most certainly made me fall in love with the place even more, Hot dogs, Pretzels & Yellow Cabs what’s not to like .

I’m a bit of a bookworm & absolutely love anything written by James Patterson. He has a certain way of combining the right amount of gore with a great twist that will make me finish one of his books in a couple of days flat!!

Growing up I always wanted to be individual so when I was asked the all important question “What did I want to be when I grew up” the answer was simple, either a Freelance Journalist or anything to do with Criminology because what’s better then learning about blood splatter?!?! In reality the nearest I came to this was by watching one too many CSI’s but it’s still something that I find extremely interesting. Even though I never got to become a Freelance Journalist I consider my new position at Bright Digital Minds to be very close to this dream job, which is why I can’t wait to get stuck in & get to know our clients even better & hopefully shine as part of a great team.

Getting to know Fran;
How do you weigh an Elephant if you can’t use scales 
Tie Helium Balloons to it & work out how much gas it takes to lift the Elephant off the ground, if it can be done in UP then it must be possible.

If you were a Bicycle what part would you be 
The Bell as I like to be heard.

Which Football team do I support & why 
None because I have better things to do with my time.

What would you choose as your last meal 
Chicken Tikka Noni, Mushroom Rice & Garlic & Cheese Naan.

If you could be a Chocolate Bar which would it be & why 
Bournville as it’s always nice to be a little bitter.

Why on Earth are you here today 
To carve out a good career for myself & to learn as much as possible.

Contact Fran
01629 815888
Skype – fran-bdm