Tradedoubler Launch Mobile Stats App

Users of Tradedoubler can now keep track of their affiliate statistics and account balance while on the go with their new mobile app released last week. Only available on the Android operating system at this time, the new app has been designed to allow anyone working with affiliate marketing to stay up to date on activities such as statistics for each site as well as performance over time. The app is set to make it easy to track commission, clicks, impressions, sales and leads to give you an instant snapshot of your sites performance regardless of your location.

Tradedoubler is an affiliate marketing network designed to help publishers, advertisers, agencies and developers build, connect and share, all while growing their revenues. With a network that supports a variety of affiliate and performance based marketing, Tradedoubler provide a broad range of affiliate advertising formats, integrated product feeds and voucher codes across both online and mobile platforms. Committed to driving value for all their customers, Tradedoubler hope their new mobile app will allow users to remain up to date on their sites’ status, allowing their customers to manage their affiliate network when on the go.

The app displays an overview of users sites’ performances, which can be broken down in to ‘today’, ‘this week’ and ‘this month’, older information is currently still only accessible online. With an easy to use interface, the app is a quick and easy way to keep an eye on your sites.