Webgains Latest Launch – New Device Reports

With Webgains constantly on top of it’s game surrounding updates, the latest progression on the programme is to introduce device reporting on to the interface.

With the diversification of consumers’ methods of gaining access to the internet, the demand for advertisers and publishers to fully comprehend how this is then translating in to sales has become ever increasing. The concept behind webgains device reporting is to equally provide both parties with intensified levels of visibility over the behaviour of their consumers. So in a nutshell the launch of the device reports is a new type of reports that detail the key device information for all of transactions that go through the programme.

From July people who are on the webgains programme will be able to access data for the device platform via mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Once they’ve accessed the programme via a device they’ll then be able to view information that’s been broken down by the publisher, operating system, vendor as well as model and browsing. As well as being able to view these program-wide reports, they’ll also be able to view individual transaction information.

With the Device Reports now live, here’s a step by step guide to accessing these reports -

  • Log in to your webgains account
  • To the left-hand side under the Reports header there’s now a Device report option with a drop down box
  • Click on the drop down box which allows you to choose from a variety of options depending on what you’d like to see.
  • Once you’ve chosen the specific option that you require you can then go about compiling your report in exactly the same way as you would compile a normal report.
  • You can also access the Device Reports via the more reports area where the full range of options is also available there.

If you’re also wondering how to access device information per transaction, then take a look at our easy step by step guide to accessing this -

  • As with a normal transaction in your transaction list, simply click on the sale or commission value and this will bring up the transaction information page.
  • From here you’ll find a Device tab in the list of transaction attributes.
  • Hover over this with your mouse and this will allow you to view the platform, OS, vendor, model and browser.


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